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MAGIC: THE GATHERING (MTG) MOVIE | Magic: The Gathering Spoilers, News & Updates

MAGIC: THE GATHERING (MTG) MOVIE | Magic: The Gathering Spoilers, News & Updates

Everything you wanted to know about the Magic: the Gathering (MTG) movie UPDATE 10/5/2017 Magic: the Gathering movie is not happening? https://youtu.be/SYNi0tbdov0 Source: MTG LION UPDATE 8/5/2017 Bryan Cogman (responsible for the MTG movie script) is no longer working on the...
LAST EVER MTG GPT Top 8 Modern Decklists Tron Gavin Tate

Manaleak.com’s LAST EVER MTG GPT Top 8 Modern Decklists, by Andrew Quinn

Manaleak.com's LAST EVER MTG GPT Top 8 Modern Decklists This past weekend marked the end of the GPT program here at Manaleak Birmingham, as we held our last ever trial! The program may be discontinued,...
Why is nobody writing about theory in Magic: the Gathering anymore? Does it even matter? by Graeme McIntyre

Why is nobody writing about theory in Magic: the Gathering anymore? Does it even...

Why is nobody writing about theory in Magic: the Gathering anymore? Does it even matter? - Wisdom Fae Under the Bridge “Whenever a theory appears to you as the only possible one, take this as...
Pro Tour Amonkhet Top 8 Standard Decklists

Here Are The Pro Tour Amonkhet Top 8 Standard Decklists, And There Are No...

Pro Tour Amonkhet Top 8 Standard Decklists Here are the top 8 decks for Standard Pro Tour Amonkhet. There is not a single Mardu Vehicles deck in sight, there are however three, yes THREE Zombie...
Statistics in Magic the Gathering mtg

If I’m Better Than The People I Play Against, Why Can’t I Win A...

Statistics in Magic: the Gathering “Statistics show that of those who contract the habit of eating, very few survive.” - George Bernard Shaw Following on from last week’s article advocating a more theoretically driven approach to...
Here Are The Best MTG Ramp Spells In Each Format

Here Are The Best Ramp Cards In Each MTG Format, by Katie Roberts

Here are the best Magic: the Gathering ramp cards in Modern, Standard, Pauper, Legacy, and Amonkhet Draft Mana, the priceless life-blood of our Magic decks. The irreplaceable resource that graces our humble, planeswalking hands with...
The Top 5 Modern Combos - Past and Present

The Top 5 Modern Combos – Past and Present, by Kerry Meyerhoff

A discussion of the top 5 Modern combos, past and present, and what you need to know Modern is Magic: the Gathering’s second most popular format, and it features cards from all Magic sets stretching...
Amonkhet Card Obsolescence Chart banner

Amonkhet Card Obsolescence Chart, by Curmudgeon

Amonkhet Card Obsolescence Notice This graphic was created by Curmudgeon Source: http://imgur.com/EQ2odto  


Magic: The Gathering Archenemy: Nicol Bolas Spoilers & Cards
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Excellent customer service! I contacted customer support and James from Manaleak handled the issue very well and to my satisfaction. Will definitely be purchasing from them again :D
I found the MKM guide very useful :) thank you!
What can I say, I came from Wayland's forge and have been there for some time, eventually starting my own D&D session being a DM. The tables provided with the number of players in my group wasn’t to my liking at Waylands, as it didn’t scale well with my group. Which, is understandable with the store giving priority to larger groups (My group consist of 4 players and me as DM and most other group are 6 people). This is when I contacted ManaLeak.Com Birmingham and to my surprise, one of the staff wholesomely greeted me and made me felt welcomed. Telling me that the store caters for D&D, MTG and other hobbyist traditional games, I took it to have a check with my group and book in one of the weeks. The following week, we were welcomed by friendly faces telling me the reserved table was and that refreshment were there for us. This wasn’t needed but I admire the admiration that is placed for new customers, and that my friends felt comfortable knowing that they can have something to eat whiles easing into a new environment. The store in the early afternoon is peaceful and relaxing, when it does get late, people in the store respects others presence which makes the atmosphere peaceful. The tables are must larger which helps me keep track of items instead of putting it under the table like I use to, chairs are comfortable and what I really appreciate is that there’s space so that everyone doesn’t feel cramped. Now I go there weekly with my friends, knowing a table is to our liking, were not cramped and can move tables if I feel that it’s an issue without being told off. There’s an archive full of MTG cards, if we felt like buying the singles if we wanted to play a quick MTG game and that I don’t have to shout over others to be heard as the store is quite large. A bonus is that I never felt the need to worry about snacks, drinks and light food as the store has a variety of items that are well priced to buy. One of the day this week my friend had a birthday so we thought that ordering a pizza whiles playing D&D would be great. I told the staff a day prior and he was more than happy to allow it, this was great because like I mentioned before the tables being large worked well for food we ordered which was pizzas. That was a good day and that wouldn’t happen without the store being generous, that’s why I am happy to recommend this store to anyone who are interested in TCG, board games, D&D and other games. I want to thank especially Tu Manaleak Nguyen, for helping me and my friend be regular customers.