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Modern Scapeshift Primer (GP Madrid Report) by Fabrizio Anteri

Standard B/G ENERGY At MTG GP Utrecht – The Grind, with Jack Copestake

Standard B/G ENERGY at MTG GP Utrecht Welcome, Firstly, I hope you have enjoyed my articles so far, the responses and comments have been fantastic - both kind and constructive. This report is from my first GP...
Ixalan Merfolk

4 Things I’ve Noticed About Ixalan Limited, by George Miles

Dinos and Pirates and Vamps, oh my! It's been a week now since Ixalan was released, to a lot of hype about the sweet tribes we'd get to play with and the excitement of a brand...
slivers casual Commander EDH banner

Casual Magic: Having Fun While Playing an MTG Group Game, by Dylan Schettina [Blog...

Casual Magic: Having Fun While Playing an MTG Group Game Greetings Community! My name is Dylan Schettina. I've been playing Magic: the Gathering since Mirage, I typically blow up my decks after a few weeks of...
Everybody do the dinosaur! - A breakdown of the best dinosaurs in Ixalan for Standard

What Are The Best Ixalan Dinosaur Cards For Standard? by Calum Dwyer

What Are The Best Ixalan Dinosaur Cards For Standard? The Park is open… So, dinosaurs have come to Magic. From the second I heard what Ixalan contained, I have been excited. It is a flavour-filled, ridiculous,...

Thoughtseize No. 1: The Man (or Woman) with Two Brains

So I suppose when you look at a new blog you’re thinking to yourself ‘Who’s this guy?’ and possibly ‘Why should I be listening to what he has to say?’ I’d consider these to...

Archenemy: 60 Card and EDH Variants, by Dylan Schettina [Blog Post]

Archenemy: 60 Card and Commander (EDH) Variants Nicol Bolas, Magic's ultimate Arch has returned. In honour of one of the original gangsters, let's build a deck... or two! First off, let's get a grasp on Scheme...
Top 10 Magic: The Gathering cards to ramp in to post Battle for Zendikar by Liam Casserly

Net Decking Isn’t The Enemy, It’s A Great Starting Point, by Jason Coles

Net Decking Isn't The Enemy, It's A Great Starting Point When I first started playing Magic: the Gathering I started by building my own decks. Sure the intro packs were fine, but I wanted to...
“So What Do You Do For Fun?” – Magic: The Gathering, Mental Health – And Me, by Claire Stephenson

“So What Do You Do For Fun?” – Magic: The Gathering, Mental Health –...

“So What Do You Do For Fun?” - Magic: The Gathering, Mental Health - And Me “What about hobbies, Claire?” my doctor asked me quite apathetically, a question he’d asked plenty of times before to...


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