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Casual Magic: Having Fun While Playing an MTG Group Game, by Dylan Schettina [Blog...

Casual Magic: Having Fun While Playing an MTG Group Game Greetings Community! My name is Dylan Schettina. I've been playing Magic: the Gathering since Mirage, I typically blow up my decks after a few weeks of...

Archenemy: 60 Card and EDH Variants, by Dylan Schettina [Blog Post]

Archenemy: 60 Card and Commander (EDH) Variants Nicol Bolas, Magic's ultimate Arch has returned. In honour of one of the original gangsters, let's build a deck... or two! First off, let's get a grasp on Scheme...
Nahiri, the Harbinger wallpaper

Brew Time For Beginners: Modern Big Naya, by Joe Butcher

Brew Time For Beginners: Modern Big Naya Greetings folks. I understand I am not a particularly regular writer, even though I promised you lot that I would be. I have decided that actually "A Beginner's Guide"...

Ixalan Limited, Where Did It All Go Wrong? by Michael Longsmith (Blog Post)

Ixalan Limited, Where Did It All Go Wrong? It’s no secret that Ixalan is one of the poorest draft formats in recent history. A friend of mine politely described it as being “on the poor...
The Great Big Compendium of Modern Knowledge by Christopher Cooper

A Beginner’s Guide to Unlocking the Secrets of Cryptic Command (Blog Post), by Drew...

A Beginner's Guide to Unlocking the Secrets of Cryptic Command I started playing Magic: the Gathering right when Return to Ravnica came out. While I began as a casual EDH player, I quickly moved into 60-card...
Eldrazi Displacer

Why Aren’t We Using Eldrazi Displacer? by Jason Coles

Who displaced the Displacer? I have a lot of love for certain cards such as the Bomat Courier and Alms of The Vein. In fact I plan on writing about them fairly regularly and trying...
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I’m Rotating Out Of Standard, So What Now? by Michael Glover

At the time of writing it's Friday the 19th of August. For myself, it's the last FNM before the next Standard rotation, and that's got me thinking.  You might find this Facebook poll interesting: What...
Kitchen Table To FNM: What To Expect From Judges And Other Players, by Morgan Mcgowan

I Quit Magic: The Gathering, Then Learned A Valuable Lesson, by Connor Mehew

I Quit Magic: The Gathering, Then Learned A Valuable Lesson I took a break from Magic: The Gathering because I was in a dark place; mentally and emotionally, I wasn't all there. It wasn't limited...


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