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Ixalan Limited, Where Did It All Go Wrong? by Michael Longsmith (Blog Post)

Ixalan Limited, Where Did It All Go Wrong? It’s no secret that Ixalan is one of the poorest draft formats in recent history. A friend of mine politely described it as being “on the poor...
What to Expect From a MTG Grand Prix - GP Liverpool 2017 (UK, VBlog), with Luke Mayvideo

What to Expect From an MTG Grand Prix – GP Liverpool 2017 (UK, VBlog),...

What to Expect From a MTG Grand Prix Weekend - GP Liverpool 2017 (UK, VBlog) Welcome to my MTG video blog of Grand Prix Liverpool where I enjoyed an immense Magic: the Gathering experience, catch...
Jubilee Squadron X-Wing Team Birmingham Manaleak

X-Wing Miniatures: Practice Better, by Phil Ray

X-Wing Miniatures: Practice Better How to be incredibly lazy in your blogging and only blog once every 6 months or so! OK so I started out with honestly great intentions of writing this blog on...

Blue-Black Tempo Pirates Deck Tech (Personal Blog Post), by Thomas Davis

Time for the second deck of the season, and it is a lot more Ixalan themed: Pirates! This is a tempo build.  This is not to be confused with mid-range.  Rather than being pure, brutal...
Aethersphere Harvester

Jeskai Vehicles with Jace, Cunning Castaway – Ixalan Standard Deck Tech, Blogspot Post by Thomas...

Blogspot: Ixalan Standard Deck Tech - Jeskai Vehicles with Jace, Cunning Castaway So heading into Ixalan we are going to have our first deck tech of the season.  And its an oldie but a goodie: Vehicles! Now...
Ixalan Merfolk

4 Things I’ve Noticed About Ixalan Limited, by George Miles

Dinos and Pirates and Vamps, oh my! It's been a week now since Ixalan was released, to a lot of hype about the sweet tribes we'd get to play with and the excitement of a brand...
Everybody do the dinosaur! - A breakdown of the best dinosaurs in Ixalan for Standard

What Are The Best Ixalan Dinosaur Cards For Standard? by Calum Dwyer

What Are The Best Ixalan Dinosaur Cards For Standard? The Park is open… So, dinosaurs have come to Magic. From the second I heard what Ixalan contained, I have been excited. It is a flavour-filled, ridiculous,...
With Changes To The Planeswalker Rule, Lets Talk About Captain Sisay In Commander

With Recent Changes To The Planeswalker Rule, Lets Talk About Captain Sisay In Commander,...

With recent changes to the planeswalker rule, lets talk about Captain Sisay in Commander Hey there, everyone! Chris here, presenting my first ever blog post for Manaleak. I don't know about you guys, but Ixalan is...


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