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Everything you need to know about Old School Magic Cooper

The Great Big Compendium of Old School Magic Knowledge by Christopher Cooper

Everything you need to know about Old School Magic: The Gathering by Christopher Cooper A while ago, just before the mtgUK Eternal Weekend, I did a mini-series of one-stop resources for the Eternal formats: Modern, Legacy and...
Chaos Orb

Old School Magic Deck Tech: Tron, by Christopher Cooper

Old School Magic Deck Tech: Tron One way people can break into new formats is by taking a deck familiar in one format and porting it into another. Big mana artifact decks are always popular,...
Magic 95-96 (Not As Old-School As Old-School) - Brief Summary

Magic 95-96 (Not As Old-School As Old School) – A Brief Summary, by Steve...

Magic 95-96 (Not As Old-School As Old School) - A Brief Summary, by Steve Rich Welcome to the £20 ($25) format, where Magic: The Gathering was made for playing. This post is meant to be used as a...

Introducing: The Legacy Pit

Introducing The Legacy Pit! What is this old, dark-sounding term that your grandmother told you to stay the hell away from? We are content creators for Magic the Gathering’s best format: Legacy. Featuring live-stream Twitch feeds,...

Manaleak.com 2016 Eternal Weekend Top 8 Decklists & Summary (Modern, Legacy, Vintage & Oldschool),...

Manaleak.com 2016 Eternal Weekend Decklists & Summary (Modern, Legacy, Vintage & Oldschool) Thank you so much! WOWSERS, what a fantastic weekend! We'd like to firstly thank each and every single one of you for turning up at...
War of the Spark Sunday pre-release at Manaleak.

Manaleak Tournament Centre: Events Schedule July& August 2019

Modern Horizons is here and it's time to kick back and rela- *Checks release schedule* *Looks up European Modern Series* *Ooh, MF Birmingham!!!* *Rechecks release schedule. Hmmmm…* Looks like we might be busy, folks. Here's what we've got planned: June 21.06.19...
Magic The Gathering 1995 Tournament Finals Wow, That Feeling banner

Magic: The Gathering 1995 Tournament Finals: Wow, The Memories, Those Feelings

Magic: The Gathering 1995 Tournament Finals - A Flashback From The Past I've just stumbled on these videos, a flashback from the past. Wow, those memories and feelings. I'm getting teary-eyed. Justin Beckert and Li Xu collide...
Manaleak Eternal Weekend 2016 - 2 x £500 towards flights for Modern and Legacy GP banner

Announcing The Manaleak.com Magic: The Gathering Eternal Weekend 2016!

Manaleak.com Magic: The Gathering Eternal Weekend 2016 - 2 x £500 towards flights for Modern and Legacy GP! Join us in Birmingham this Autumn for a celebration of the best formats that Magic: The Gathering...


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Ordered 1x duel deck, Elspeth vs Kiora, and it arrived in less than a week. Counting on the fact that I don't live in the UK, they are pretty quick and their costumer service didn't take too long (less than 24h) to assist me with a minor issue. Much cheaper price in contrast to other websites regarding duel decks and they give freebies such as 1x rare card. Thank you manaleak!
Items were in fine condition, the goodies were fun and the shipping was fast and the secure package safely arrived!
Highly recommended. The cards are all good quality, arrived rapidly and for a good price.