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How to be a Good Ally, by Kirsty McIntyre

It’s tough sometimes, being part of the Magic community. Not only do you have to worry about the deck you’re taking to FNM, your local metagame or which GPs you’re going to attend in...
Face down drafting Magic: the Gathering cards

Two-Player Draft Formats, by Katie Roberts

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I wrote about Magic, and I’d like to share with you the two-person Limited formats that I’ve been having loads of fun with. You might already know...

Introducing: The Legacy Pit

Introducing The Legacy Pit! What is this old, dark-sounding term that your grandmother told you to stay the hell away from? We are content creators for Magic the Gathering’s best format: Legacy. Featuring live-stream Twitch feeds,...
Handshake-magic the gathering pro players win shake hands

A Beginner’s Guide to Paper Magic Etiquette – Sportsmanship in Magic: the Gathering, by Theodore...

Tips on How to Handle Your Wins, and Your Losses in Magic: the Gathering There has been much debate recently surrounding the behaviour of a pair of players at SCG Cincinatti last weekend. In the...
Everything You Need To Know About Blood Sun

Everything You Need To Know About Blood Sun, by Theodore Southgate

Everything You Need To Know About Blood Sun in Modern Since the Rivals of Ixalan spoiler season, there has been a lot of buzz about some of the new cards. There's a new 2/2 Merfolk...
Foil MTG Cards: How to Cure Curling ("Bending"), and Tournament Tips, by Kerry Meyerhoff

Foil MTG Cards: How to Cure Curling (“Bending”), and Tournament Tips

Foil Magic: the Gathering cards: How to cure curling ("bending"), and tournament tips As a judge, one of the most common issues I tend to find during deck checks and that I have had reported...
Ixalan sealed deck banner

A Comprehensive Ixalan Sealed Deck Primer, by John O’Leary

A Comprehensive Ixalan Sealed Deck Primer Contents Macro-level observations & comments Mana Sinks Evasion Removal, Combat Tricks & Aura's Colour Specific analysis & card discussion: Green White Red Black Blue Multicoloured Artifacts Lands   Introduction The purpose of...
Magic Open House What You Need to Know (and Why You Should Participate!), by Joseph Dunlap IXALAN MAP

Magic Open House: What You Need to Know (and Why You Should Participate!), by...

Magic Open House: What You Need to Know (and Why You Should Participate!) If you are a frequent patron of your local game store, you are probably already acquainted with Magic Open House, a new Magic: The...


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