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The Wave Machine (Deck Tech) by Dave Shedden

The Wave Machine (Deck Tech) by Dave Shedden

What I'm about to discuss with you, Planeswalkers, might be considered esoteric. You see, I've brought you a deck designed for a tiny, fleeting heartbeat of a format which only exists due to a bizarre...
Analysing the Pro Tour Fate Reforged Announcement – Worldly Changes by Eduardo Sajgalik

What It Really Means To Grind MTGO – A Different World by Dave Shedden

A Different World: What It Really Means To Grind Magic: The Gathering Online On the weekend of Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 November, Magic the Gathering: Online (MTGO) had a couple of very high-profile, very bad days...
What Duels 2013 has Taught me About M13 by Michael Radford

Magic the Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 Review inc. Planechase

Maberz89 delves further into his geeky side as he explores the wonderful world of Magic the Gathering, with the latest released of Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 this time including Planechase.
GP Manchester 2014 Banner Players 3

6 Great Ways To Get Better At Magic: The Gathering And Win More Tournaments,...

If you play tournaments, and since you’re reading Magic articles on the internet then I assume you do, then chances are you want to get better.
Breaking In: Starting out on MTGO – A Beginner’s Guide to Pauper by Andrew Quinn

Breaking In: Modern BW Tokens Tournament Report by Andrew Quinn

I would like to update this article in the near future and show how the deck has developed before the PTQs. For anyone wanting to know, I will be acting as a floor judge at the London PTQ on the 24th of March and will be playing in the Cardiff PTQ on the 31st, so I shall see you all then!
Drafting M12 #2 – Saved by Pack 3 by Laura Dawes

Drafting M12 #5 – Sick Drafts with Laura Dawes

I've been able to draft a few times on Magic Online, so I thought I would bring you some of the more fun and interesting drafts I've done in my more lucid evenings.
Drafting M12 #2 – Saved by Pack 3 by Laura Dawes

Drafting M12 #4 – Rollercoaster of Success with Laura Dawes

I've been quite a busy girl and have 4 drafts to bring you from the past week and a half. The first two are my Nationals draft decks.
Video Article: UW Control with Jonathan Randle

Video Article: UB InfectBlade by Cyrus Bales with Jonathan Randle

For this video I thought that I'd try something slightly different. I took Cyrus Bales' PTQ winning deck...


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