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Guides & How Tos

Guides & How Tos for Magic: The Gathering (MTG)

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How to Teach Magic: The Gathering to New Players in 7 Simple Steps, by...

What I'm aiming to do today is give some of you an idea how best to approach the subject of teaching Magic The Gathering to someone.
Beginners Guide – Legacy on a Budget, Mono Colour Madness by Gareth Hirst

Beginners Guide – Legacy on a Budget: Mono Colour Madness, by Gareth Hirst

Well it's time for me to chip in my two pennies worth again and look at the other end of the Magic spectrum.
What’s the Magic Word? by Liam Casserly

Entry Level Magic: A Guide To Your First FNM! by Mark Pinder

Welcome to the world of Constructed Magic, this articles is designed for the fledgling Magic player who wants a deck that is easy to assemble, does not cost the earth and can give them a few victories along the way.
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Storm Academy: Becoming a MTG Storm Pilot, by Silent Requiem

Recently I wrote an article aimed at introducing new Legacy players to Storm combo. My experience has been that some Standard players are turned off Legacy by their perception of overpowered, turn 1 combo decks...
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So, you want to play MTG Storm, by Silent Requiem

Legacy is an amazing format. The card pool is deep and varied, which leads to a rich and diverse metagame; no other format offers the same diversity of viable decks.


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