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Neoform (WAR)

War of the Spark’s Impact on Modern

Hello! My name is Oliver Law and this is my first article for MTGUK.  By way of a quick introduction, I am a Birmingham-based Magic player who regularly attends the weekly Wednesday draft events.  I...
Lantern of Insight (FDN)

Lantern Control, by David Inglis

Mark Rosewater once said: “One of the most exciting parts of the game as a designer is watching when people get tied to a particular card or strategy.” Wafo-Tapa and Mystical Teachings. Patrick Chapin and...
Arclight Phoenix (RNA)

Playing Izzet Phoenix, by Andrew Jagger

Since returning to Magic, I've set myself a challenge to step out of my comfort zone, playing decks and cards in Standard that previously I wouldn’t have given a second glance. After a little flirtation...
Top 8 finalists for Ranvica Allegiance Standard Championship at Manaleak

Manaleak Tournament Center – March Decklists

This past few weeks saw some good crowds of players competing here at Manaleak - first in our Ravnica Allegiance Standard Championship, then a week later in our Modern Win-a-Box tournament. For upcoming tournaments visit...

Manaleak.com Birmingham SCG Modern IQ April 2018 Top 8 Decklists!

Manaleak.com Birmingham SCG Modern IQ April 2018 Top 8 Decklists! GP Champion Ben Jones (to give him his official title) ran back the same Death's Shadow deck that he used at GP Madrid to crush...
Manaleak Standard PPTQ Birmingham Top 8 Decklists & Mini Report MTG

Manaleak.com Standard PPTQ Birmingham Top 8 Decklists & Mini Report! by Andrew Quinn

Manaleak Birmingham Standard PPTQ Top 8 Decklist & Mini Report! We had 49 players in Birmingham, attending our sold out event, to contest one of the most varied and wide open Standard formats that we've...

An Insight Into Lantern: Does it Need to Be Controlled? by Theodore Southgate

Of Bridges, Stirrings and Opals: The Modern Question So, yesterday we saw Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan culminate in a... well, thrilling is the wrong word, but it was a final, anyway. Argentinian player Luis Salvatto of...

The £20 MTG Commander Challenge – Bargain Hunter Edition, by Michael Longsmith

The £20 MTG Commander Challenge - Bargain Hunter Edition In my previous article I wrote about a £20 Commander (EDH) challenge. My general of choice was Yasova Dragonclaw and, though I have yet to play...


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