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Volcanic Island - Revised (artwork by Brian Snoddy)

Choosing a Legacy Deck, by Andrew Quinn

Manaleak is hosting a Legacy “win-a-dual” tournament this weekend. With enough players in attendance, making the top 4 wins you an original Revised dual land. Rank higher in the top 4, the value of...
Mythic Championship II (London) - Loveman vs. Sperling

The Mythic Championship Qualifier Experience by Graeme McIntyre

The Mythic Championship Qualifier Experience “There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” - Nelson Mandela As many of you have no...
Dark Challenge MTG Playmat Design Competition 2014

10 Brilliant Dark Challenge 2014 MTG Playmat Competition Entries – Please Vote!

HELLO! Last month we announced the start of the 2014 Dark Challenge MTG Playmat Design Competition and I must say, WOW! we've received some utterly brilliant entries-- you guys are really talented! I know you'll want to get straight to the...
10 Brilliant Dark Challenge 2014 MTG Playmat Competition Entries – Please Vote!

Dark Challenge MTG Playmat Design Competition 2015

Hey guys, It’s back! Following on from the success of our first Dark Challenge Playmat competition we’re running a second one to find another fantastic piece of art to be used on next year’s playmat....
Ice-Fang Coatl MtG Art by Filip Burburan

Modern Win-a-Box (January 2020): Tournament Report and Decklists

The festive spirit was still ringing in the air, as (despite holiday absences) thirteen players rolled up for Modern win-a-box on 4th January, our first weekend event of the year. After five rounds of Swiss,...
Edgewall Innkeeper (Throne of Eldraine artwork)

An Update to Gruul Adventures, by Freddie Barber

Hello there and welcome to my first article for the MtGUK blog. As a competitive player and Manaleak regular, I wanted to share my deck choice for next month’s Arena PTQ: an updated version...
Heliod, Sun-Crowned from Theros Beyond Death (Alternate Art)

GW Company (Pioneer), by Freddie Barber

Hello and welcome back, my friendly audience. Today I want to talk about the deck I played for Manaleak’s first Pioneer Preliminary, and how it performed for me on the day. My choice of deck...
Introducing: The Modern Event Deck Competition by Dave Shedden

The Modern Event Deck Competition: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, YOUR WINNER!

They came, they saw, they brewed. Now, as the dust settles, only one remains standing. What are we talking about, again? Back on 19 May, after Wizards of the Coast announced the contents of their Modern Event Deck (priced...


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