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Tales of Cahdaria: A Custom Magic: The Gathering Set Designed by Kevin Deninger

Tales of Cahdaria: A 254 Card Custom Designed Magic: The Gathering Set, by Kevin...

Tales of Cahdaria: A 254 Card Custom Designed Magic: The Gathering Set The first Magic: The Gathering set of my three set custom block. All 254 cards ready for you to print, play and enjoy! This block will...
Shadows Over Innistrad Sealed Deck Is Slow, Play Silent Observers - By Fabrizio Anteri

Shadows Over Innistrad Sealed Deck Is Slow, Play Silent Observers And Win More Games!...

Shadows Over Innistrad Sealed Deck Is Slow, Play Silent Observers! Plus Top 5 Most Underrated Shadows Over Innistrad Commons In Limited Hi everyone, The Shadows over Innistrad prereleases were just a week ago, and since then I have been...
How to Get Better at Magic The Gathering by Tom Harle

How to Draft M13 and the Mana Base by Tom Harle

Today i'm going to talk you through a recently m13 8-4 draft and then talk a little bit more about something I touched on last time – limited mana bases and how you can try and affect them during the drafting process.
Fact not Fiction – The Winners and Losers from Pro Tour Paris by Michael Maxwell

Fact not Fiction – My Return to Ravnica MTG Fantasy Pro Tour Picks by...

The Pro Tour is just over a week away, and as with the last two you have the chance to test your metagame prediction skills by playing the MtG Fantasy Pro Tour on Facebook.
Beating Standard with Black-Blue Control by Ashley Knox

Beating Standard with Black-Blue Control by Ashley Knox

Blue-Black Control is a deck I've been playing for a while now and despite being underpowered it had positive matchups against some of the most powerful decks in Standard. Fate Reforged changes a few things....
Dreamstone Wallpaper

The Great Aurora Ramp Tournament Report and Final Verdict – Prof Plays Fun Cards...

Follow-up on The Great Aurora Ramp by Craig Jones Okay, last week I put out an article on a fun ramp deck with a “fun” mythic The Great Aurora at the top end. I said it might...
£20 PTQs & Dinosaurs by Magic by Mark Pinder

Intro Decks to FNM: The Road to Nowhere by Mark Pinder

Well another week has gone by with the Path to Victory deck including an early run out at FNM...
A realistic Dark Ascension Set Review – White by Grant Hislop

A realistic Dark Ascension Set Review – Green by Grant Hislop

So, we've done White, Blue, Black and Red so far, and we're getting into the home stretch now. Time to look at some sweet, sweet Green cards. Will there be any good ones? Will the ‘Increasing X' cycle continue to be rubbish? Who knows, let's find out...


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