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Volcanic Island - Revised (artwork by Brian Snoddy)

Choosing a Legacy Deck, by Andrew Quinn

Manaleak is hosting a Legacy “win-a-dual” tournament this weekend. With enough players in attendance, making the top 4 wins you an original Revised dual land. Rank higher in the top 4, the value of...
Archon of Sun's Grace (Matt Stewart)

18 Theros Beyond Death Cards Coming to a Commander Pod Near You, by Paul...

Theros has a special place in my heart. The original Theros block was when I first really started playing Magic properly with Journey into Nyx the first prerelease I attended. I've had a lot...
Siona, Captain of the Pyleas from Theros Beyond Death (THB). Artwork by Dawn Murin

A Beginner’s Guide to Limited: Theros Beyond Death Edition, by Andrew Quinn

In my opinion, Limited is the best and most fun format in Magic. I’ve played Limited Magic for years. Whilst most Competitive tournaments these days are Constructed, I still love Limited Magic and there’s not...
Robert Whitehouse, Nick Lote, Freddie Barber & Helena Jackson - Standard win-a-box 28.12.19 (Top 4)

Manaleak Standard Win-a-Box 28.12.19 Tournament Report & Decklists

It's been a challenging season for Standard, so we were pleased to see a reasonable crowd emerge from the festivities to attend our last Standard win-a-box, and final event, of the year. Nine players competed...
Kolaghan's Command from Dragons of Tarkir (artwork by Daarken)

Exploring Pioneer, by Andrew Quinn

2019 is almost over. With the huge overhaul of organised play, the introduction of Arena and the printing of more ban worthy cards than in any other year since 2003, this past year has...
Edgewall Innkeeper (Throne of Eldraine artwork)

An Update to Gruul Adventures, by Freddie Barber

Hello there and welcome to my first article for the MtGUK blog. As a competitive player and Manaleak regular, I wanted to share my deck choice for next month’s Arena PTQ: an updated version...
Fae of Wishes (Alternate Frame) from Throne of Eldraine (ELD)

The State of Standard, by Graeme McIntyre

Update on the State of Standard (04.11.19) Field of the Dead being banned has changed the format. When I heard about the emergency ban I thought they might ban either Field of the Dead, Teferi,...
Emry, Lurker of the Loch (full art)

Shifts in the Meta: A Modern Update for Autumn 2019 by David Inglis

The Modern meta has undergone a huge change in the last six months. War Of The Spark was one of the most impactful Magic sets for just about everyone who enjoys this game, from...


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