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How to Get Better at Magic The Gathering by Tom Harle

Pro Tour Avacyn Restored Barcelona 2012 Report – Part 2 Booster Draft & Block...

So onto the drafting! The week before the PT mainly consisted of doing 2-3 drafts every day and we definitely learnt a ton about the format.
How to Get Better at Magic The Gathering by Tom Harle

Pro Tour Avacyn Restored Barcelona 2012 Report – Part 1 Block Constructed by Tom...

I've been off in Barcelona for a week preparing for the pro tour - finishing in a very respectable 33rd place.
shared discovery   rob wagner banner proper

How to Draft Avacyn Restored – Shared Discovery with Rob Wagner

Hi all, some of you probably know this already but last week I played at Pro Tour Barcelona :D!
UB Mystical Teachings – A Pauper Video Article by Grant Hislop

My Fantasy Pro Tour Avacyn Restored Picks – Spreading the Sickness with Grant Hislop

So there’s this application on Facebook. It’s called the Fantasy Pro Tour, and it’s pretty sweet. Basically, everyone picks a squad of cards, and you accrue points based on how often they show up in the winning decks at the Pro Tour.
Journey to Somewhere – Developing Tempered Steel by Ben Heath

Final Fantasy Pro Tour: Avacyn Restored – Journey to Somewhere with Ben Heath

After last week's card evaluation exercise, this week I planned on doing something different. So naturally, the topic ends up being Card Evaluation.
How to Get Better at Magic The Gathering by Tom Harle

Initial Thoughts on Innistrad Block Constructed by Tom Harle

This week I want to talk a little bit about Innistrad block constructed. There's going to be another big set out before the format is relevant for the pro tour but it's always good to get a head start on the format and hopefully we can learn something about how best to look at a brand new format.
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Mana Mind – Proposing a format: Planescape by Brad Pearce

I love Magic and I really like dipping into new formats, so I decided to try and create a format that would fill a void.
Naya Midrange in SOM Block by Grant Hislop

Naya Midrange in SOM Block by Grant Hislop

It's pretty lucrative too, as it's not really attracting too many highly skilled players in the 2-mans...


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