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I'm the scariest super-fuck who ever walked the Earth. Master of the irrelevant and scholar to the ignorant. Behold my burning beard. I have come undone. It's just as I feared. I have, I have come undone. I enjoy playing/reading/making/painting things that don't really matter. People are impressed with my beard for all the wrong reasons. I live with my Fiancé, our cat and a rabbit. The rabbit is an adorable, fluffy arsehole.

Time, Money and the M13 Core Set Gamesday – Stablising with...

Chicks dig Death Metal, guys. Let it be known.

Religion, Misconceptions and the Adventures of PTQ Manchester 2012 – Stablising...

Discussing it with Greg later on, she was quite obviously a prostitute, and one that probably has to look for work more than it finding her.

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