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One morning I woke up and decided I was going to be a rock god. I realised soon after (around about lunchtime) that I did not possess the hair required to lead the rock and roll lifestyle and opted to be a writer instead. I have written and published fantasy fiction with some degree of success over the last four years and have sworn that one day I will retire to a small island which I will buy with profits from book sales...probably. I started playing Magic The Gathering when Serra Angel was still a rare (and a damned good one!) and nationals were still churning out the pedigree players. After an eight year break the Innistrad block threw me into the thick of it once again and my passion for the game has returned in a way only my bank manager can truly comprehend. A big thanks to ManaLeak & MtGUK for allowing me to combine my hobby and my craft, and a huge thanks to you guys reading the articles!

Abzan Midrange Deck Tech (Standard) by Christopher Boyle

New Sets and Shenanigans My favourite time of year on the MtG calendar is spoiler season of the new big set and the first few...

Beginners Guide to Drafting: Return to Ravnica Golgari with Chris Boyle

Today I’m going to talk about one of the ‘less drafted’ guilds in the set. Now I say ‘less drafted’ because I seriously believe this guild is not given the respect it is due.

PTQ Dundee 2012 and Me – Tournament Report by Chris Boyle

It was the anticipation that was the same. Despite having worked a 12 hour shift and spending over four hours re-drafting a manuscript, I couldn’t sleep. The next morning would see me heading to PTQ Dundee and I couldn’t wait!

Beginners Guide to Drafting: Return to Ravnica Azorius with Chris Boyle

One of the strongest colour combinations in Magic history and one of the most powerful guilds in the Return to Ravnica block. The Justiciars of Justice, the Clerks of Control, it can only be Azorius.

Beginners Guide to Drafting: Return to Ravnica Rakdos with Chris Boyle

Today’s article will be all about the “Daddy of Death” [card]Rakdos the Defiler[/card] and all his little minions!

Beginners Guide To Drafting: Return To Ravnica 101, with Chris Boyle

I’m sure by now you have all realised that it has finally happened, the Guilds are back! And with them Return of Ravnica brings a new lease of life into Magic the Gathering. The set literally offers something for everyone, whether your flavour of choice is EDH, Standard, Modern or Draft. Return to Ravnica has it covered.

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