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Rob Wagner

Loves a brew, so long as it's Blue-White and Tier 1.... or Earl Gray.

Magic The Gathering in Leeds: Past, Present & Future – Shared...

I've met a great many great people playing up here and mentioning them all would take more words than would fit on this server, but I'd like to give an overview of my history in Leeds and some of the key players.

A Guide to 15 Card Highlander 2012 – Shared Discovery with...

Hi all, welcome to an update on the best Highlander format in Magic - 15 card Highlander! I've written about this format before, in 2010 and in 2011, and it is one of the big highlights of Nationals for me.

Esper Midrange Post M13 – Shared Discovery by Rob Wagner

Today I'm talking about my favourite deck in Standard, it being my favourite because I can't stop winning with it and I like winning :)

The Aggro to Control Spectrum in Blue-White Standard Decks – Shared...

Hi guys, the more astute among you will have noticed two big trends of Magic articles recently - definitions of Aggro-Control, and how to gain an advantage in the UW Mirror in Standard. I believe these two topics are actually pretty well-related to one another.

Magic Con 2012 Duelling PTQs – Shared Discovery with Rob Wagner

The big event of the last period was the joint WMCQ + PTQ run by Glen White from Gordian Knot games in a hotel in Nottingham. For those who aren't entirely sure what that means, it was basically two events to qualify for Magic's Pro Tour.

How to Draft Avacyn Restored – Shared Discovery with Rob Wagner

Hi all, some of you probably know this already but last week I played at Pro Tour Barcelona :D!

Tales From The Grand Prix – Shared Discovery with Rob Wagner...

My tournament was full of pretty standard stories about games, but the things that really keep people going to Grand Prixes are the cool moments that you can go and tell your friends about.

Untapping with Griselbrand – Shared Discovery with Rob Wagner

Unburial Rites... targeting Griselbrand? All you need to do now is untap and attack with him and the game will be practically over, but how do you reach that point?

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