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Rebecca Rose

Rebecca Rose
Rebecca is in her late 20s, and has been playing Magic since 2013. Mostly plays Standard and Modern, particularly at GPTs & PPTQs, but also enjoys unwinding with a good EDH game or draft. Primarily an aggro player and loves nothing more than a good red deck! However, as her overall goal will always be to improve at Magic, she dabbles in other archetypes too now and then.

Mental Magic: Anxiety, Fear, Doubt & Depression, And That’s OK, by...

Handling anxiety, fear, doubt and depression at a large Magic: The Gathering event Magic: The Gathering has been a huge part of my life for...

Fear, Doubt, And Self-Loathing At Grand Prix Manchester, by Rebecca Rose

Woman with Generalized Anxiety Disorder prepares to attend her first MTG GP Hi, I’m Rebecca, and I’ve been into competitive Magic for around two years now. I...

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