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Adventures in Pre-Releasing Dark Ascension with Paul Mclachlan

Since the dawn of time, mankind has settled it's problems in one way: the sweaty, violent, greasy, sweaty, disconcerting, unenlightened, sweaty, primal, sweaty, precipitous, greasy, sweaty arena of the Pre-release.

How to build MTG a deck in sealed with Paul Mclachlan

Today, I'm going to write about evaluating a sealed pool, how to formulate a strategy for the deck you build, and provide examples from my playing experiences.

Squadron Hawk and Dredgevine Decks in Modern with Paul Mclachlan

I've had my brewing cap firmly on in the last couple of weeks. The exciting Modern format and writing these articles has allowed my mind grapes to ripen.

MTG Card Evaluations in Limited with Paul Mclachlan

I'm going to lay out some rules for limited, which I'm going to try and think of snappy titles for. I might even name them all after myself.

Beginners guide to avoiding mental traps in MTG with Paul Mclachlan

"We all have a crayon up our nose. It might not be one made of wax. It may be made of ignorance. Or prejudice."

Developing Spellstutter Sprite in Modern – Feelin’ Blue with Paul Mclachlan

I'm just going to jam some Spellstutter Sprite lists for the rest of this artcle and talk about the various pros and cons of each.

Building Caw-Go for Modern – Feelin Blue with Paul Mclachlan

I want to draw cards. I want to kill your dudes. I want to make you feel ineffectual by beating you down with the crappest creatures imaginable.

Counterspells – A Little Bit of Arrogance Goes a Long Way...

The hardest skill to master when piloting a counterspell deck is to objectively assess the game state and work out what you should counter.

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