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Laura Dawes

I'm one of those mythic rare female tournament players you may have seen at a PTQ or GP. I've been drafting since the original Mirrodin block and I've played at GB Nationals every year since 2008. I work as an artist in the computer games industry and am known to occasionally paint card art for Power-9 proxies and card design competitions, make website banners and design t-shirts for my local magic group in Oxford.

Oxford Store Champs Winner 2011 Tournament Report by Laura Dawes

A few days before the event I came across this list which used Heartless Summoning in addition to the Grand Architect. It looked like great fun, so I went on a mission to borrow all the cards for it.

The Horrors of Innistrad #2 – A fortnight of drafts with...

The enthusiasm of a new set to draft! And the PTQ season is limited! A group of my local players got together at casual night to get an extra draft in.

The Horrors of Innistrad #1 – Prerelease Weekend by Laura Dawes

Before I go into my experiences of Innistrad so far, here is one last bonus M12 deck. I wasn't going to write about it, but Rob wanted to see what it was:

Drafting M12 #5 – Sick Drafts with Laura Dawes

I've been able to draft a few times on Magic Online, so I thought I would bring you some of the more fun and interesting drafts I've done in my more lucid evenings.

Drafting M12 #4 – Rollercoaster of Success with Laura Dawes

I've been quite a busy girl and have 4 drafts to bring you from the past week and a half. The first two are my Nationals draft decks.

Drafting M12 #3 – A whole bunch of drafts with Laura...

It's been a while since my last blog post. Between helping out on a scout camp for a week, testing for Nationals and going to parties I haven't found the time to write about my last few drafts.

Drafting M12 #2 – Saved by Pack 3 by Laura Dawes

We draft each week in Oxford on Thursday. Usually around 12 people show up but this week we were in for a surprise...

Drafting M12 #1 – The Prerelease Draft with Laura Dawes

I'll definitely try to draft as many different archetypes as I can and see how they perform.

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