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Kevin Blake

Average to averagely competent MtG player. Organiser of MtG events in the fair metropolis of Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes Magic 2013 WMCQ Top 8 Decklists – Standard

Congratulations to Carrie Oliver on winning the WMCQ on Sunday! Thanks to everyone who made it, I hope you had a good day :) - Kevin Blake

Tournament Report – UK Nationals 2011 Report – Top 8 Finish,...

As a TO and sometime tournament player it's an interesting balancing act trying to meet the demands of the tournament level players whilst not discouraging the new players who, ultimately, are the long-term lifeblood of the club.

GP London 2011 Report – 34th, by Kevin Blake

Against Dom's advice they decided to head for Leicester Sq, with no clear idea of what they were going to do once there or how they would get back. Kids eh?

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