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John O'leary
I am an archetypal Spike, I love the game of Magic for it's competitive element and optimising my win percentage and being the best possible player I can be has always been the biggest drive for me within Magic. Limited is my one true love and I think that the pinnacle of Magic is a draft of a well thought-out and put together cube.

You Are Not Entitled to Win, so Here’s How You Can...

You Are Not Entitled to Win, so Here's How You Can Become a Better Magic Player I play Magic: the Gathering to compete. It scratches...

A Comprehensive Ixalan Sealed Deck Primer, by John O’Leary

A Comprehensive Ixalan Sealed Deck Primer Contents Macro-level observations & comments Mana Sinks Evasion Removal, Combat Tricks & Aura's Colour Specific analysis & card discussion: ...

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