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Jim Bowie

Author for yomamathegathering.blogspot.com and occasional author on mtgUK. Jim has been playing in paper since 8th edition, although is lucky enough to have gotten the chance to go back ant play with older tournament environments. In the past few years, he's been getting much more serious about the game and spends much of his time brewing and testing for Standard.

Deckmaster: A MTG Variant Format, by Jim Bowie

Earlier today, I unveiled to the world the variant format known as Deckmaster, a game combining the spell-slinging, land-tapping Magic you know and live with deckbuilding games like Dominion or Brian Kibler's more recent hit Ascension

Yo Mama: The Gathering – Modern Sisters of Soul by Jim...

With the explosion of Modern, people have been scavenging for deck after deck and many a creation has surfaced- Zoo, 12Post, Splinter Twin, Faeries, etc. But one deck has still managed to crawl under the radar...

Yo Mama: The Gathering- Super Saiyan Shock by Jim Bowie

This is Mistah Boweh from over at Yo Mama's place, and in today's article I'll be talking about a rogue burn deck that's gone through a whole lot of changes since its original inception.

Yo Mama: The Gathering – TCGPlayer Qualifier report by Jim Bowie

This is Mistah Boweh from over at yomamathegathering.blogspot.com, and this weekend I was at a 1k qualifier for the TCGPlayer invitational in Chicago.

Yo Mama: the Gathering- Standard and Level Up by Jim Bowie

Hey, this is Jim Bowie, A.K.A. Mistah Boweh from over at YoMamaTheGathering.blogspot.com,  and today I'm here to bring over an article on the Level...

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