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Reigning 'Manchester Irrelevant Format Champion' and perennial underachiever. I will have my Pro Tour Invite, in this life or the next.

Journey to Somewhere – Beginners Guide to Tempered Steel, by Ben...

Hi everyone, today I'm going to give you eight tips to improve to way you play Tempered Steel game.

Shared Journey: Man Of Steel by Ben Heath and Rob Wagner

I had just Top 8'ed my first PTQ, and 'did 4 victory laps around the room, high-fiving everyone!

Product Review – New Phyrexia Event Decks by Ben Heath

New Phyrexia Event Decks review: 'War of Attrition', which quite literally flew off the shelves due to the individual cards in the deck rather than the deck itself and 'Rot from Within'.

Journey to Somewhere – Developing Tempered Steel by Ben Heath

I have since taken part in two tournaments which, and despite them being casual tournaments, the quality of opposition was fairly high, with three of my six opponents having qualified for Nats.

Avoiding the Scrubout – CawBlade and Dealing With It by Ben...

In my first article since the Grand Prix in Barcelona, I want to talk about one of my favourite decks in the current format. But first, a bit of background history.

The Big One: Avoiding the Scrubout (240th in the Blue Pod...

Hi all, today we continue the story of preparing for the Grand Prix in Barcelona by actually going to the city.

Preparing for the Big One, Part Three: SuperShock Special (or is...

Apologies for the massive delay to part three, but I'm actually going to release this before I release my tournament reports from Barcelona (there's two of them, SPOILERS!)

Scrubout – Preparing for the Big One, Part Two by Ben...

Last time I left you all on a bit of a cliff-hanger, partly because I thought it would an awesome way to end the article, partly because sometimes I can be a bit of a douche, sorry about that...

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