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Reigning 'Manchester Irrelevant Format Champion' and perennial underachiever. I will have my Pro Tour Invite, in this life or the next.

Back to Where It All Began – Journey to Somewhere with...

It's Game 3 of the Top 8 match between myself and Jonathan Randle, who is on CawBlade (there were hawks, there were swords, therefore it's CawBlade).

GP Lille 2012 Report: 5Men in a Micra and other antics...

Hello everyone, including my new Scottish following, and welcome to a GP Lille report, the sort of report that I thought I would never write.

Video Article: Playtesting for GP Lille – Journey to Somewhere with...

After the rip-roaring success of my last video article series (more for the misplays than anything else), I decided to do another video article series.

Naya, One Year Later – Journey to Somewhere with Ben Heath

Today's article actually starts last year, when I went to GP Barcelona with Team Leeds, most of whom piloted a deck now known as 'Leeds the Stampede.

Journey to Somewhere – Boom or Bust Zoo with Ben Heath

Today I'll be showcasing a deck which, although I wouldn't expect to win with it in a PTQ, is certainly a lot of fun whilst maintaining commutativity.

Cascade Swans in Modern – Journey to Somewhere Video Article with...

I decided to invest in an affordable Modern deck on Magic: the Gathering Online, since the Modern PTQ season is coming up, and this was the result.

Journey to Somewhere – Heartless Victory at Innistrad Game Day by...

I've been away from mtgUK for a while due to university, but I'm back now with a tournament report from the Innistrad Game Day held at the fantastic Fanboy3 store in Manchester.

Journey to Somewhere: Love, Sex and Magic by Ben Heath

Things continued to be awesome and we were really close, but then there was a flashpoint which, in hindsight, was the beginning of the end. The day she met my Magic friends.

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