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We appreciate all content contributions from our truly kind readers and players.

Walking the Planes Episode 3: Pro Tour Avacyn Restored by KornmanAndHolt

In Episode 3 "Hallelujah", Nate Holt and Shawn Kornhauser take you to Pro Tour Avacyn Restored in Barcelona to get the lowdown on the team showdown between ChannelFireball and the two StarCityGames teams, insights on Jedi mind tricks in Magic, a behind-the-ropes look at Alexander Hayne's miraculous victory, and much more.

Plymouth Delver Legacy Tournament Report by Perran Archbold

Just very recently in the city of Plymouth, we have had a plethora of eternal events, with two Modern events and a Legacy event.

A Brewer’s Modern Manchester PTQ Tournament Report by Charles Norman

A tournament report of the Manchester PTQ. A sweet control brew. Play errors and some side boarding plans and what I'd change next time.

Modern: Jund Deck Tech – 2012 Manchester Modern PTQ *2nd* by...

The testing with my flatmate for Manchester started about 2 weeks before the tournament, during exam week.

The Best Poker Chip Cases

  Perhaps you are looking for a gift your favorite poker player will adore. Maybe you are the poker player in your family and you...

UB Delverblade – 2012 Manchester Modern PTQ Report Top4 by David...

We knew beside one or two online events that Manchester would be one of the first big Modern events post-banning, so a lot of us tried to just stick with a deck that we liked and thought was good, rather than try to find the “best deck”.

PTQ Barcelona in Manchester 2012 Tournament Report – Bringing Melira to...

This deck is very fun to play, is very resilient against hate and, unlike other combo decks, it interacts with the other player. It also has the added benefit of going into the aggro plan when needed to, or just overwhelm your opponent with card advantage produced by Birthing Pod, Reveillark or Sun Titan.

To the Future By Sam Southworth-Barlow

What will the ban enlist on MTG future.

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