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George Miles

George Miles
I started playing Magic in 2002, almost immediately enjoying the competitive scene and brewing decks. For the first few years of playing, I focused almost entirely on Standard, with my favourite decks being Elf & Nail and Heartbeat Combo. In 2006 I stopped playing while a poor and starving student, before returning in 2013 as an almost exclusive limited player. While mostly playing on Magic Online, you can sometimes find me at Sealed PPTQs, but my favourite format is Cube.

MTGO Vintage Cube – June 2017 Changes Review, by George Miles

Magic Online Vintage Cube - June 2017 Changes Review Woohoo! Vintage Cube is back! From 21st June to 10th July, the most fun it is possible...

What Is MTG Quadrant Theory, And What Do You Do When...

What is MTG Quadrant Theory, and what do you do when it doesn't work? Quadrant Theory is a fantastic tool for MTG card evaluation and is the accepted...

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