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Andrew Quinn

I am Andrew "Landstar" Quinn. I am a level 2 judge from Worcestershire and most notably I am the local head judge for all of Manaleak's mtgUK tournaments. I have judged at a couple of GPs and am a regular player and judge on the UK PTQ circuit. I have now won my first PTQ and will be going to play on the Pro Tour in May, but other than that I have very few Magic accomplishments. I enjoy writing and most of all, building awesome decks!

Breaking In: A Look At Mirrodin Besieged – Part 1 by...

Hey everyone. I've not posted an article for a while, but with the full visual spoiler for Mirrodin Besieged released today, I thought I'd have a glance over the set...

Draft Gameplay Videos – Manaleak.com £100 All-Stars Draft : SOM-SOM-SOM 09/01/11

Our 1st ever £100 All-Stars Draft: SOM-SOM-SOM. Trashtalking, kicked back drafting with friends. Just for fun... and £100 bucks.

Extended Gameplay Videos – Jund vs Tempered Steel 09/01/11

Manaleak.com Extended Win-a-Box Tournament Gameplay Videos - 09/01/11

Video Gameplay – Legacy: Solidarity vs Aggro Loam

Silent Requiem playing Solidarity vs Aaron Biddle playing Aggro Loam.

Breaking In: Investing in Competitive Legacy by Andrew Quinn

Hey there guys (and girls of course). The response to my first article about breaking into standard was absolutely fantastic.

Breaking In: Moving from Casual to Standard by Andrew Quinn

So, one question that I'm asked quite often is, how does one move from being a casual player to being a competitive one? Well, there are many competitive formats of Magic to play, but...

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