Introducing: The Legacy Pit

Bringing you an interactive online Legacy e-museum.

Introducing The Legacy Pit!

What is this old, dark-sounding term that your grandmother told you to stay the hell away from?

We are content creators for Magic the Gathering’s best format: Legacy. Featuring live-stream Twitch feeds, with the best videos posted the on Youtube for flexibility.

We offer content that fulfills a new and missing niche:
a Legacy e-Museum.

We answer viewer requests for matchups, but with one caveat:

it’s all on paper – the real cards!

Tabernacles, Candelabras, Nether Voids, Underground Seas… the list goes on and on.

The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale from Legends
The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale

The majority of Legacy streams feature electronic versions of Magic, making The Legacy Pit unique and exciting.

Our library includes 30+ independently built Legacy decks, and we thrive on featuring them in matchup requests from our viewers. With only two months of content produced, the buzz for the Legacy Pit is on high volume, with features on Podcasts, T-shirts, and playmats seen at tournaments.
Candelabra of Tawnos from Antiquities
Candelabra of Tawnos

So, why create the Legacy Pit and stick to “old fashioned” paper Magic?

Here are six reasons, pulled from The Abyss:

1. Above all, we refuse to listen to naysayers insisting that Legacy is dying. We are doing our part to keep Legacy on the radar.

2. We provide a Legacy showcase as a reminder of how powerful the old cards really are.

3. Our content serves as a Legacy e-Museum for those without access to the cards or decks. Many people just want to see the real thing in action, and we want to answer this call.

4. On an interactive front, we serve as a matchup request service, allowing us to connect with viewers – they are part of our content. Are you prepping for a local game store event, or large tournament, and want to see how your deck does against another deck? We’re there to make that happen.

5. We value and take great pride our local Legacy community here in Frederick, Maryland, thus we serve as a mechanism to highlight local players & the decks they are known for – with our Deck Tech Series.

6. Last, and admittedly selfishly: a training tool for us here at The Pit to go back and watch our matches and see our mistakes (usually Travis), and

let the community critique, criticize and help us improve.

Have you signed your soul over to us in blood yet?

Here are the Gates to the Pit:

Twitch Stream:

YouTube Channel:

A note from us here at

Thanks to The Legacy Pit for letting us share your content – we’re looking forward to watching your matchups!

If you’re local and love Legacy, join us here at our Birmingham (UK) store for our Legacy FNM on the last Friday of every month.

Our next Legacy weekend tournament is Sunday 9th June. Preregister via our website for a 20% discount!

Introducing: The Legacy Pit
Introducing: The Legacy Pit
The Legacy Pit have come to tell us about their interactive e-museum, featuring over thirty paper Legacy decks.

Please let us know what you think below...

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