Servien – A Custom Card Set: Designed by Kevin Deninger


This is my first created Magic the Gathering custom set. I started on this set in 2003 with a friend of mine. The set in the beginning was more of a collection of cards and there were almost a dozen keywords / ability words. In 2010 I updated the set and scaled down to one mechanic per color and added Landfall, which was my newest favorite mechanic.

The story:

This plane within the multiverse had no planets with life upon them. A powerful God named Uvsaros traveled to this plane. There, he tapped into the pure magic of unspoiled mana and crafted the five rings, one of each element. Using them he created the planet of Servien to be his own personal play toy. The first beings he placed upon the world were embodiments of the magic used to create them. They were called the Ancients. The Ancients, combined were almost as powerful as Uvsaros himself.

Uvsaros then made human beings with no specific differences and placed them on his world. As all beings do, over time population grows, societies break off, and war comes. It started over who was created first, then who was created closer to the water or the fields or the forest or the mountains or the swamps. Over time, those that ventured into the woods became the elves. Those who went to the sea became the merfolk. Those who stayed on the plains stayed as humans. Those who went into the swamps and became the ogres. Others went into the underdark of the dank caves beneath the surface and became horrors. Those who when to the caves of the mountains became goblins, and those that climbed to the heights of the world and became the skyfolk.

He then scattered his five rings across the planet. After many generations, man eventually found each of his rings. The power of the rings imbued men with power and abilities. Over more time, men were able to fight back against the Ancients and repell them from their cities with the power of a ring. Uvsaros observed it all and would often give advice to the people of his world. As men always do, they tried revolting against their god by controlling the Ancients with the rings. All of them combined were enough to defeat Uvsaros. The powerful wizards of the realm used the rings to seal away Uvsaros in exile within a statue.

This story takes place thousands of years after the planet’s creation, the ancient rings of Uvsaros have been lost due to wars among man and the other races of the plane. Only in the last hundred years have they been found once again are being gathered by a man who believes he is on a holy quest. The rings are brought to the forgotten shrine where Uvsaros remains sealed away in exile. Each ring is put onto each finger of the statue of Uvsaros, and he is released. The world is thrown into bedlam as the god seeks to reign his power over his planet once more.

Set Code name: ‘Social’

Keywords and ability words.

White: Alliance — Whenever a nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, [effect or ability] if {this creature} shares at least one creature type with that creature.

Blue: Recite (As you cast this spell, you may discard a card. If you do, copy this spell. You may choose new targets for it.)

Black: Macabre — An ability word that that reads “as long as you have four or more creature cards in your graveyard”

Red: Warfare (This spell costs 1 less to cast for each creature that attacked this turn.)

Green: Landbond — An ability word that reads “as long as you control six or more lands.”

Returning keywords:


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