Rivals of Ixalan Open House FREE Event at Manaleak Birmingham, UK!

Rivals of Ixalan Open House FREE Event at Manaleak Birmingham!

Rivals of Ixalan Open House FREE Event at Manaleak Birmingham, UK!

Magic Open House is the perfect opportunity to bring along a friend and teach them (with our help of course) how to play Magic. If you do, you’ll BOTH receive free 30-card starter decks AND a foil full art Silvergil Adept from Rivals of Ixalan!

If you’ve ever been curious as to what Magic: the Gathering entails and would like to learn this great game, then join us for a day of intro sessions and other activities!


When? – This takes place on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th January between 11am and 7pm

Our store is open from 10am until 8pm, feel free to arrive at any time during the day and we will accomodate you! Just bear in mind that a tutorital may take 30 minutes or more, so plan accordingly.

Our address is:

Unit 109
130 Pershore Street
The Jubilee Centre
B5 6ND

Tel. 0121 666 7164
Email. Info@Manaleak.com
Web. http://www.Manaleak.com

You can find more information on our upcoming events and directions here: http://www.manaleak.com/store/our_store.php

Please Facebook us ASAP at: http://www.facebook.com/ManaleakCom




The purpose of this event is to welcome new players to the game and teach them how to play Magic. We will be giving out free welcome decks to all new players that would like to join us.

We also invite our veteran players to bring along a friend who doesn’t know how to play Magic and join us for the day! If you bring along a friend, we will reward you, and your friend, with a foil full art Silvergil Adept promo from Rivals of Ixalan!


Whether you are looking for a friendly game or seeking your ultimate duel– Come and join in on the fun at Birmingham’s premier trading card game tournament centre. Professionally ran events with clued-up fast and friendly staff offering the best prizes.

Do you have any questions or would like to tell us what you’re thinking? Please do let us know. Our staff are friendly veteran gamers who will reply to you in a professional manner and as quickly as possible.

Rivals of Ixalan Open House FREE Event at Manaleak Birmingham, UK!

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