What Are The Best Ixalan Dinosaur Cards For Standard? by Calum Dwyer

Everybody do the dinosaur! - A breakdown of the best dinosaurs in Ixalan for Standard

What Are The Best Ixalan Dinosaur Cards For Standard?

The Park is open…

So, dinosaurs have come to Magic. From the second I heard what Ixalan contained, I have been excited. It is a flavour-filled, ridiculous, swashbuckling, rip-roaring adventure set. There’s a lot to get excited about: Walk the Plank is maybe the most flavourful kill spell we’ve had in a long time, there is a Treasure Map that leads you to a treasure island and Jace, Cunning Castaway is ripped.

What I’m most excited about though, are our feathered, enraged, clawing, roaring giant reptiles. I can’t explain what appeals to me about getting to play with Dinosaurs so much. It’s like I can’t suppress 65 million years of gut instinct…

You see, for the last year or so I’ve found Standard to be a little stale. Even with cards getting banned, the main strategies have mostly stayed the same and there hasn’t been a lot of cards I’ve actively wanted to play with (especially after Abrade made Electrostatic Pummeler a lot worse). However, the idea of getting to cast giant, hasty T-Rexes and Raptors is something I am super excited about. If that appeals to you, then the upcoming rotation is also a great time to start playing, since these cards are going to be in standard for a long time and the format will be new.

When I first decided I would build a Dinosaur deck I thought it would be easy; just take the best creatures with the ‘Dinosaur’ creature type and jam them into a deck. The issue is… there are too many good ones. So I decided to go through them and break down which ones were at the top of the food chain. I also thought that some other people might be interested to go through them with me. Originally, I made notes on every single Dinosaur and Dinosaur related card, but there are some that are clearly only for limited and there’s not much to say about them. So we’re only focusing on the very best (and worst) Dinosaur related cards with the aim of playing them in Standard.

To try and help I’ll do a 0-5 rating, with 5 being – absolutely will see play, i.e. Siege Rhino & Thragtusk and 0 being absolutely no play at all, i.e. Lens of Clarity

Rather than do a Constructed Rating where I rank how good the card is in constructed Magic, I’ll be giving them a Cretaceous Rating on how good I think the card fits into a Dinosaur deck.

Of course, this is all just my opinion. One of the best things about Magic is that you have the chance to be creative and build decks the way you want to play them. Think I’m wrong? Have a different opinion? Am I underestimating one of your favourite cards? Let me know in the comments. OK, so lets start!


Ixalan Dinosaurs: Green

Ancient Brontodon (A.K.A It’s really big!)

Ancient Brontodon Ixalan
Ancient Brontodon Ixalan
  • This card is huge.
  • It also costs 8 and doesn’t do anything, but it’s awesome.

Cretaceous Rating 1

Carnage Tyrant (A.K.A WoTC hates Control)

Carnage Tyrant Ixalan
Carnage Tyrant Ixalan
  • This card is absurdly good.
  • It costs the same as Torrential Gearhulk and beats it in combat.
  • In most match ups it is a giant, untouchable trample target for your Verdurous Gearhulk counters… if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • You probably want 1-2 in your 75, and its existence pretty much ensures that you never lose to control.

Cretaceous Rating 4.5

Commune with Dinosaurs (A.K.A Green gets the best cantrips)

  • The point this got spoiled is the point I got on board with playing Dinosaurs. It’s solid on every turn of the game. You will be able to skimp on lands slightly to play more threats.
  • It also helps support the idea of building your deck with various 1 offs, since it helps you to find the ones you want.
  • It fulfils a similar role to Attune with Aether, Traverse the Ulvenwald or Ancient Stirrings, all of which have seen a lot of play.

Cretaceous Rating 5

Deathgorge Scavenger (A.K.A Incidental hate card)

Deathgorge Scavenger Ixalan
Deathgorge Scavenger Ixalan
  • This is probably the best three drop.
  • It does almost everything you could want. It exiles an Earthshaker Khenra or Champion of Wits. It attacks for 4, makes your opponent’s Torrential Gearhulk worse and gains life against any kind of aggro deck.
  • If you cast this after either a Regisaur Alpha or Otepic Huntmaster you can exile a non-creature spell for +1/+1, then immediately attack and exile another non-creature spell, attacking with a 5/4 for three mana.
  • In multiples, it is possible that you end up running out of food but I think that is quite unlikely. The incidental graveyard hate means that game one you aren’t cold to strategies like God-Pharaoh’s gift, and that The Scarab God might struggle to generate much of an advantage. If you can kill a Scarab God then cast/attack with Scavenger that’s also a way to answer it and take away Temur Energy’s main way of beating you in a long game.

Cretaceous Rating 5

Drover of the Mighty (A.K.A This is Your 2 drop)

Drover of the Mighty Ixalan
Drover of the Mighty Ixalan
  • It’s everything you need.
  • It ramps you into your threats, fixes colours and then attacks as a 3/3. Expect to see a lot of this card. Also expect it to get killed by lightning strike a lot.

Cretaceous Rating 5

Pounce (A.K.A Pit fight 2.0)

Pounce Ixalan
Pounce Ixalan
  • Normally in constructed, I like to avoid these kind of ‘fight’ spells. They open you up too much to a removal spell blowing you out and you end up down two cards to your opponent’s one.
  • The fact that this enables enrage and is an instant might make it good enough however, since you can try to time it for a point where your opponent is tapped out and several of the enrage triggers generate you some form of advantage.
  • Unfortunately Savage Stomp looks excellent and is more powerful. If you wanted savage stomps 5-8 then this exists, but I doubt you will.

Cretaceous Rating 2

Ranging Raptors (A.K.A Borderland Raptor)

Ranging Raptors Ixalan
Ranging Raptors Ixalan
  • This is slightly underwhelming, especially since you will usually be losing your creature to get the land.
  • A 2/3 would normally be good against red decks; but as it really doesn’t line up well against Lightning Strike and Earthshaker Khenra, it is very unlikely to ever block.
  • I generally think that Deathgorge Scavenger is always going to be better though and if you are playing this, you should already have 4 Scavengers.

Cretaceous Rating 3

Ravenous Daggertooth (A.K.A Sideboardy McSideface)

Ravenous Daggertooth Ixalan
Ravenous Daggertooth Ixalan
  • Against aggro decks, this is almost always going to trade for either a creature or a burn spell and gain you 2 life. That’s all it needs to do.
  • If you are considering a lower to the ground aggressive green/red build I don’t hate running this main as a 3/2 attacker (again, once you’ve maxed out on copies of Scavenger).

Cretaceous Rating 3

Ripjaw Raptor (A.K.A Siege Dino)

Ripjaw Raptor Ixalan
Ripjaw Raptor Ixalan

“I am Ripjaw hear me rawr, I am Ripjaw king of dinosaurs!”

  • It isn’t flashy. It’s just good.
  • Your opponents are going to want to avoid triggering enrage every time they can.
  • It turns damage based removal into a two for one.
  • Bristling Hydra has to spend 3 energy just to trade with this, and 6 if they want it to survive, and you’ll get to draw a card.
  • If your opponent can’t block profitably, this will be close to unblockable, and if it is on defence, your opponent will be deterred from attacking.
  • Play 4.

Cretaceous Rating 5

Savage Stomp (A.K.A Dino Fight)

Savage Stomp Ixalan
Savage Stomp Ixalan
  • At first I was pretty cold on this card. It isn’t always a removal spell and opens up the potential to get 2 for 1’d if your opponent removes your creature in response. However, there is a ton of possible scenarios where this card is excellent. The most obvious is how good it is going to be with Ripjaw Raptor. The ability to permanently make your creature bigger, kill an opponent’s creature and draw a card for a single green mana is a synergy that seems very difficult to pass up.
  • What really sold me however was that you can curve a two cost accelerant into either Deathgorge Scavenger or Kinjalli’s Sunwing on turn three and in the same turn, cast Savage Stomp to kill your opponent’s creature. This will put you very far ahead in the game and sounds great against opposing mana accelerants.
  • All of that said, I think it might become iffy if you draw too many of these, so I’d be cautious and play 3 to start out.

Cretaceous Rating 4

Snapping Sailback (A.K.A Flash! Ahh ahh! Argh! It’s on me, help!)

Snapping Sailback Ixalan
Snapping Sailback Ixalan
  • Stellar in limited.
  • Potentially fringe playable in Standard.
  • It’s going to be hard to hold up 5 mana, and I’m not sure this is good enough even if you find the right shell for it.

Cretaceous Rating 2

Thundering Spineback (A.K.A I am Lord, yah yah yah)

Thundering Spineback Ixalan
Thundering Spineback Ixalan
  • Imagine this card cost 5.
  • It doesn’t, it costs 7.
  • It could provide some late game advantage but 6 mana to make a 3/3 (4/4 with Spineback in play) is a lot.
  • I think this is just way too slow.

Cretaceous Rating 2

Verdant Sun’s Avatar (A.K.A Can you say Commander?)

Verdant Sun's Avatar Ixalan
Verdant Sun’s Avatar Ixalan
  • If you untap with this against a Mono Red player you have won the game.
  • If you live to turn 7 to cast this against a Mono Red player… you have probably won the game.

Cretaceous Rating 2


Ixalan Dinosaurs: Red

Bonded Horncrest (A.K.A Mogg Fanatrex)

Bonded Horncrest Ixalan
Bonded Horncrest Ixalan
  • The curve of this into Alpha/Charging Monstrosaur is a lot of damage.
  • Needing another creature to be able to do anything with this is a big ask though. You want your cards to individually be powerful and by itself this card does absolutely nothing.
  • That said, in a very aggressive Green/Red build I could see this seeing play to help fill in the curve a little.

Cretaceous Rating 2.5

Burning Sun’s Avatar (A.K.A Inferno Rex)

Burning Sun's Avatar Ixalan
Burning Sun’s Avatar Ixalan
  • The stats on this are pretty solid and the design straightforward.
  • 6/6 for 6 that does 6 split between player and creature.
  • Alpha curves really nicely into this so playing one or two is quite reasonable.
  • It’s fighting with Carnage Tyrant though and you only want so many 6 drops.
  • 1-2 in the 75.

Cretaceous Rating 4

[Charging Monstrosaur (A.K.A Tyranosaurus Smasher or Charging Monstrawr)

Charging Monstrosaur Ixalan
Charging Monstrosaur Ixalan
  • Just when you thought Reality Smasher had rotated. It doesn’t have Smasher’s excellent ability of making opponent’s discard to target it with a removal spell, but this card is still great.
  • It is uncommon, which tells you something about the difference between trample and flying (see Thundermaw Hellkite). If your goal is to smash your opponent’s faces however, then this is what you are looking for.
  • If it weren’t for Regisaur Alpha then I’d fully advocate playing four of these. I don’t think you can really justify playing eight 5 drops however so it’s likely this is a 1-2 of.

Cretaceous Rating 4

Dinosaur Stampede (A.K.A Try Tri Trumpet Blast)

Dinosaur Stampede Ixalan
Dinosaur Stampede Ixalan
  • If the Red/White or Red/Green low to the ground aggro deck exists, then I can see this card killing people. More likely though, it’s going to be ending games in limited.

Cretaceous Rating 2.5

Frenzied Raptor(A.K.A Wall of flavour text)

Frenzied Raptor Ixalan
Frenzied Raptor Ixalan
  • At first I thought this was depicting that bit in Jurassic World where they find the wall covered in scratch marks where the Dinosaur has climbed. Then I realised that actually it is the bit in Jurassic World where the Raptor attacks the Indominus Rex.

Cretaceous Rating 1.5

Otepec Huntmaster (A.K.A Chris Pratt meets Jim Carrey)

Otepec Huntmaster Ixalan
Otepec Huntmaster Ixalan
  • The 1/2 is a bit lacklustre. It can’t ramp into non-Dinosaurs (Chandra/Huatli).
  • It still lets you pull of the turn three dino-into-Stomp line I spoke about, and it also gives that dino haste. People are already discussing the fact that it lets you theoretically attack with a 5/4 scavenger on turn three.
  • On the whole though, I think it’s a weaker option than Drover and Channeler Initiate. If you have multiple in play, your Dinosaurs cost a lot cheaper however.
  • I’m not ruling out playing 10 mana accelerating two drops though, where you play either 4 Drover, 4 Channeler and 2 of this (or even a 4/3/3 split).

Cretaceous Rating 3

Rampaging Ferocidon (A.K.A uh… what?)

Rampaging Ferocidon Ixalan
Rampaging Ferocidon Ixalan
  • This card is good.
  • It was also a bit out of place and confusing.
  • Against aggressive decks, you don’t want to be pinging yourself to make your creatures.
  • Against opposing midrange decks, this is sort of small and gets outclassed where the games are more about board presence.
  • If your plan is to go be aggressive yourself then this card is excellent. With a bunch of aggressive fliers and some burn spells this card could shut the door.
  • The lack of haste means it is likely too slow for the current Ramunap Red decks.
  • Solid card, I just don’t see an obvious home for it.

Cretaceous Rating 3

Star of Extinction (A.K.A This is what mythics should be)

Star of Extinction Ixalan
Star of Extinction Ixalan
  • I love everything about this card.
  • It is flavourful, hilarious and completely over the top.
  • It is not remotely playable though. It costs too much and more importantly, it would kill all of our Dinosaurs.

Cretaceous Rating 0

Sun-Crowned Hunters (A.K.A Clever Girls)

Sun-Crowned Hunters Ixalan
Sun-Crowned Hunters Ixalan
  • If there is a Dinosaur combo deck with this is probably how it kills you.

Cretaceous Rating 1.5


Ixalan Dinosaurs: White

Bellowing Aegisaur (A.K.A Big Bad Turtle)

Bellowing Aegisaur Iconic Masters

  • In Limited (and Commander, with Marath, will of the wild) this is a solid late game creature. At 6 mana however, it’s a bit slow and underpowered for Standard. Unless there is some kind of combo that involves making this indestructible and using Walking Ballista to go infinite, but that’s likely going to be a bit too clunky to pull off.

Cretaceous Rating 2

Imperial Aerosaur (A.K.A Giant Chicken Unicorn)

Imperial Aerosaur Iconic Masters
Imperial Aerosaur Iconic Masters
  • This is going to be great in limited. A 3/3 flier for 4 that lets you Jump another creature is going to let you get a lot of damage in.
  • In Standard, at 4 mana it is slightly too much, however in a more aggressive Red/White deck, possibly with Otepec Huntmaster. I am sceptical, but wouldn’t actually be surprised to see it.

Cretaceous Rating 2.5

Kinjalli’s Caller (A.K.A wall of flavour text 2)

Kinjalli's Caller Iconic Masters
Kinjalli’s Caller Iconic Masters
  • This is one of the annoying ones to evaluate. Having a good one drop that makes your Dinosaurs cost cheaper would quite possibly push the deck to being absolutely top tier. This is not that.
  • Putting an 0/3 in your aggressive/midrange deck is going to be mediocre on turn one and close to nothing the rest of the time. I would normally say that if you expect lot of mono red or aggressive decks then this could be a solid blocker. Earthshaker Khenra, Lightning Strike and Soul-Scar Mage all make it seem like this is a pretty poor option. Additionally, having White mana on turn one in your predominantly Green Red deck would probably make your mana base much worse, and it isn’t a Dinosaur itself so can’t be cast off an Unclaimed Territory naming dinosaur.

Cretaceous Rating 1

Kinjalli’s Sunwing (A.K.A Thaliadactyl)

Kinjalli's Sunwing Ixalan
Kinjalli’s Sunwing Ixalan
  • So… it’s possible I’m a bit too high on this card, but this seems like one of the absolute best Dinosaurs in the set. There are several sequences I have gone through involving Savage Stomp, Lightning Strike, and mana accelerants where your opponents are going to fall behind quickly.
  • It seems to me like you are going to be able to put a lot of power on the board very quickly, but not many ways of forcing that damage through opposing blockers.
  • The combination of this card flying and making your opponent’s creatures come into play tapped means that if you can get ahead, your opponents are going to struggle to come back.
  • It’s also worth noting that if you can curve a turn two mana accelerant into this, then cast Savage Stomp and make it a 3/4, it won’t die to Lightning Strike (which I suspect will be everywhere).
  • This might be the only reason you splash white in your deck, and a solid option for the more aggressive Red/White builds.

Cretaceous Rating 4

Priest of the Wakening Sun (A.K.A Find Yah Dinos)

Priest of the Wakening Sun Ixalan
Priest of the Wakening Sun Ixalan
  • The 1/1 body is a bit poor.
  • The lifegain could be quite reasonable.
  • The tutor is powerful, but slow and expensive.
  • It’s possible that you could be playing a slow, controlling style of deck with a bunch of one offs that this tutors out, but it is likely not nearly good enough.

Cretaceous Rating 1.5

Raptor Companion (A.K.A It’s so cute!!!!)

Raptor Companion Ixalan
Raptor Companion Ixalan
  • A 3/1 for 1W is not new.
  • The dino synergies might help if you are trying to be aggressive, but I don’t think it’s going to be good.
  • It’s really cute though…

Cretaceous Rating 2

Territorial Hammerskull (A.K.A Stop! Hammerskull)

Territorial Hammerskull Ixalan
Territorial Hammerskull Ixalan
  • Eh… it’s a bit unexciting, but it’s possible that in your Red/White aggressive deck you just need another three drop. I doubt it though.

Cretaceous Rating 1

Wakening Sun’s Avatar (A.K.A Mass Calcirawr)

Wakening Sun's Avatar Ixalan
Wakening Sun’s Avatar Ixalan
  • It costs 8.
  • It’s also a Mass Calcify on legs, but only if you cast it from your hand, so no reanimation shenanigans.
  • In a Green-Red-White midrange deck it’s possible you play one of these in your sideboard because it seems like it just automatically wins the game if you resolve it against a Temur Energy opponent.
  • I’m going to be a bit optimistic.

Cretaceous Rating 4


Ixalan Dinosuars: Multicolour

Belligerent Brontodon (A.K.A Emily Brontosaurus)

Belligerent Brontodon Ixalan
Belligerent Brontodon Ixalan
  • I like the art.

Cretaceous Rating 1

Gishath, Sun’s Avatar (A.K.A ‘Here is your commander’ Rex)

Gishath, Sun's Avatar Ixalan
Gishath, Sun’s Avatar Ixalan
  • I want this card to be really amazingly good.
  • It’s a big, mythic rare, gold, legendary Dinosaur. It’s awesome. Look at that art! It’s bigger than everything!
  • It has 3 solid keywords.
  • If it hits your opponent, it potentially generates a huge amount of card advantage. It might just win the game on the spot.
  • The issue is… it costs 8. It the mana works, and you can play black, this is an excellent reanimation target for Liliana, Death’s Majesty. If they print a bunch of ramp spells in the next set that lets you get this out at least two turns earlier then that might be pretty good also. Right now, I think it just costs too much.
  • Let’s put one in the 75 for the giggles and who knows, it might end up being bonkers.
  • …It costs 8.

Cretaceous Rating (A very optimistic) 3

Huatli, Warrior Poet (A.K.A Dances With Dinosaurs)

Huatli, Warrior Poet Ixalan
Huatli, Warrior Poet Ixalan
  • Planeswalkers are often hard to evaluate. In the last couple of years WotC have taken the stance of printing planeswalkers that are pretty mediocre (with the exception of Gideon, where they apparently become Vince McMahon and the rule is “Whoah! Look at his Muscles! Whoah!”)
  • A 5 mana planeswalker that can pump out 3/3’s every turn is an okay starting point. The plus 2 is pretty good against Red decks, and the minus let’s you “overrun” to get all your damage through whilst also possibly getting your Ripjaw Enrage triggers). The more I’ve talked about this card, the better it has seemed and they are currently going for around £10+ each so clearly other people think it isn’t terrible either.
  • It depends a lot on how the games play out and how often you can afford to wall up, and use her plus 2 a few times to fuel a giant minus.
  • The 5 drop slot is hotly contested between some really decent cards, and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Monstrosaur isn’t just better.

Cretaceous Rating 3.5

Raging Swordtooth (A.K.A Fluffy)

Raging Swordtooth Ixalan
Raging Swordtooth Ixalan
  • This is a slightly trickier card to evaluate. As a 5/5 it’s actually bigger that most of midrangey Dinosaurs, and the trample is good with +1/+1 counters which may or may not become a big part of how people build the deck. The issue is, that if the mirror comes up a lot, you will likely be giving your opponent 2-3 free enrage triggers, and even if you get them yourself, that doesn’t seem like a good game plan.
  • This could be a bonkers sideboard card if token strategies are abound (Hidden Stockpile/Anointed Procession/Oketra’s Monument) so I won’t write it off, but of the possible 5 drops this is one of the ones I’m least inclined to play maindeck.

Cretaceous Rating 3

Sky Terror (A.K.A Wha… part 2)

Sky Terror Ixalan
Sky Terror Ixalan
  • Here’s the second part of the White Red aggro idea. This seems like it’s supposed to just be a good pay off to be Red/White in limited, but it could well make the cut for Standard.
  • A very evasive 2 drop is a strong thing to have, but I don’t think it has the raw power and suspect it might stretch your mana in the wrong way if you want to play this on curve. A lot of the best options for the deck’s early plays are green and while the mana is good enough to support Green, Red and White midrange, an aggressive version might stumble a bit.
  • I’m also not sure curving this into Rampaging Ferocidon is a strong enough curve/payoff for going Red White.

Cretaceous Rating 3.5

Regisaur Alpha (A.K.A Thragasaurus)

Regisaur Alpha Ixalan
Regisaur Alpha Ixalan
  • We finally got there. Why should you play Dinosaurs in Standard? This is why.
  • 7 power across two bodies for 5 mana, 3 of which has haste and trample.
  • If your opponent kills it, you still made a 3/3.
  • If your opponent doesn’t kill it, every Dinosaur in your deck is going to enter the battlefield and immediately turn sideways.
  • This lets you stabilise the board by making two bodies, and turn the corner really quickly by generating so much power and potential haste damage. It’s similar to a lot of things we’ve seen before – Huntmaster of The Fells, Thragtusk, Wingmate Roc, all of which were great in their Standard environments. Although it is true this doesn’t gain you life which was an important part of all those creatures, granting haste to all future Dinosaurs will let you race effectively, which is largely what made the life gain of these cards so good. It is a bright and obvious example to point to when trying to demonstrate WotC’s design policy for the last several years. A value packed, two for one, green creature that is loved by Timmy/Tammy’s everywhere and runs around top Pro tables, making control player’s cry.
  • In reality, I suspect this will likely be another Polukranos than a Siege Rhino. It’s unlikely you will have its rotation date circled in your calendar with hearts drawn around it.
  • What is likely is that you are going to play against this card a lot. You are going to die to this card a lot. You are going to sigh, and hold your head as your opponent casts their second and third Alpha of the game. You are going to wake up crying over nightmares where Alphas and their pack rip you apart. You will shudder at the mention of its name.
    If I won an invitational tomorrow, I’d make it a 3/3 green Dinosaur with trample, because it is going to be everywhere.

Cretaceous Rating 5



Well, that wrap(tor)s up my review of most of the Dinosaurs of Ixalan. I didn’t go through the lands, but for those who haven’t played with them before – the “buddy” (or “check”) lands are solid. Provided you have 1 basic or dual to meet the requirements, your mana base will run pretty smoothly. We still have Kaladesh’s fast lands and Amonkhet’s cycle lands. A key thing to note is that Unclaimed Territory allows you to splash white in your GR deck but only for creatures, so it won’t help cast actual white spells or Huatli.

Lastly, I know everyone and their mother is brewing Dino.dec lists, but based on this romp through the spoiler and breaking down the options, here’s my rough Week 1 starting point.

Maindeck (60)
Drover of the Mighty
Channeller Initate
Deathgorge Scavenger
Kinjalli's Sunwing
Ripjaw Raptor
Regisaur Alpha
Charging Monstrosaur
Commune with Dinosaurs
Savage Stomp
Lightning Strike
Chandra, Torch of Defiance
Unclaimed Territory
Sheltered Thicket
Rootbound Crag
Sunpetal Grove
Inspiring Vantage
Sideboard (15)
Sentinel Totem
Gishath, Sun's Avatar
Carnage Tyrant
Ravenous Daggertooth
Magma Spray
Sweltering Suns
Chandra's Defeat
Cast Out

I think there is merit to building with some other Standard legal cards like Rhonas the Indomitable, Rishkar, Peema Renegade and Glorybringer but for now I want to just play as many Dinosaurs as I can reasonably get away with.

As I said, you are free to disagree. If you think differently about some of these cards or my suggested build, let me know in the comments. I plan to be playing this deck for the months to come so any suggestion that makes it better I am happy to listen to.

I hope this jaunt through the many monstrous Dinosaurs of Ixalan has been enjoyable.
There’s clearly several ways to go about starting to build this deck and play with these cards. As the meta shifts and evolves the choices and numbers will vary also. But no matter what emerges and changes, I expect the Dinosaur Deck to survive and be a solid Standard player.

After all… life finds a way.

Thanks for reading,

Calum Dwyer

What Are The Best Ixalan Dinosaur Cards For Standard? by Calum Dwyer
A breakdown of the best dinosaurs (and Dino related cards) in Ixalan for Standard.

Please let us know what you think below...

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