Final Fantasy TCG: Zero Cadet Budget Deck – Build On A Budget, by Andy Morgan

Final Fantasy TCG: Zero Cadet Budget Deck - Build On A Budget

Final Fantasy TCG: Zero Cadet Budget Deck – Build On A Budget

Hey I’m Andy Morgan and I’ve been playing Final Fantasy TCG (FFTCG) for some weeks now. I recently placed 10th in the Manaleak Birmingham FF TCG Opus 3 win-a-box. Due to just starting I’m running on a limited card pool, which is a common problem for newer players. So today I present to you my 3 element “Build on a budget” Zero Cadet List.

Forwards – 25
3x Eight – 3-051R
3x Seven – 3-057R
3x Queen 3-104C
3x Sice 3-109C
3x Jack 3-111H
2x Cinque 3-014C
3x Ace 3-003R
3x Zidane 3-154S
2x Ace 3-153S

Backups – 18
2x Archer 1-088C
3x Moogle (Class Zero) 3-150S
3x Deuce 3-062C
2x Cater 3-009C
3x Montblanc 2-021C
3x Gurdy 2-102C
2x Arecia Al-Rashia 3-097R

Summons – 7
3x Odin 3-102R
2x Diablos 3-061R
2x Ifrit 3-002R

The deck is built with no legends and only 3 copies of Hero Jack, who in the end didn’t prove particularly useful. This build is running a low range forward set-up aiming at swarming the board and powering your guys through rare Ace and Moogle to take out bigger threats and gain advantage through value.

Why the moogles?: Well due to my limited pool I was lacking on more interesting choices like Red Mage, but the moogles can actually be quite effective. Gurdy and Montblanc can be used for the finishing blows should rare Ace, Sice, Deuce, Diablos or Irfit not be able finish the job. They also only cost 2 CP which helps when you are trying to spam out your guys.

Notable combos: I wish I had known beforehand just how amazing Cinque really is. Forcing a character to block is amazing for getting problematic pieces off the board. Combine with Queen who gains first strike and you’ll be cutting down your opponent’s’ board like a lumberjack with a lightsabre.

Threats: Shantototo will ruin your day, crush your dreams, and wipe your board and steal your lunch money. You’re only hope is to have Seven out and ready to cancel.

Emperor Xande will roll over your little guys sending them running like Indiana Jones away from that boulder, only your forwards won’t escape the destruction. The deck is generally weak against ping damage so the best way to deal with this is to try and not overextend yourself.

Lulu is not a nice lady. She can clear unbuffed Sice, Seven and Cinque right off the board. You’ll want to try and at least get Ace or Moogle (Class Zero) out on the board before she gets going. Her Thundaga can be stopped by Seven if you need too.

Upgrades: So money is no object, or you at least have some trade fodder available. Cosmos is a good choice for any deck running more than 2 elements, and allows us to have Light Ace and Zidanne out at the same time.

Opus 1 Golbez can work amazingly here. He can fetch you Cinque, Sice and Seven all at once, which helps set up your swarm.

Lulu (H) can work well. While the higher cost isn’t great for the deck style and tempo, you could use her backup blowup to drop a new copy of Arecia Al-Rashia and even consider adding Rem.

Final Thoughts: Thanks for getting this far. If you have any questions, suggestions or critiques about the deck or the writing, or if you want to see more “Build on a budget” decks and ideas feel free to e-mail me at

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Thanks for reading,

Andy Morgan

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