Top 5 Hour of Devastation Rare & Mythic Cards For MTG Cube!

Just over a week now until the release of Hour of Devastation and with the anticipation building I have the last of the Top 5 lists for you. This time we are going to take a look at the Top 5 Rares and Mythics from Hour of Devastation for MTG Cube. Unlike Amonkhet, this set hasn’t been fantastic for cube builders at all and there aren’t all that many cards for top power levels to get excited about. Although I still think there are a few cards that might make it into cubes higher than Unpowered level.

In this video we will discuss the five best rares and mythic cards for cube in the set and a couple of honourable mentions too.

Did I get the order wrong or missed a card that will make an impact? Let me know! Plus I’d love to know which cards you’re looking forward to from the set to add to your Cubes.

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Top 5 Hour of Devastation Rare & Mythic Cards For MTG Cube!
Taking a look at which rare and mythic cards from Hour of Devastation could make an impact in the mtg cube format.

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