MTG Weekly Standard Deck-Tech: 4 Colour Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, by Thomas Davis [Blog Post]

Hapatra is making a splash into Standard

MTG Weekly Standard Deck-Tech: 4 Colour Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons

MTG Weekly Standard Deck-Tech: 4 Colour Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons

This week’s deck is all about synergy and getting value from your creatures…  But mostly synergy.

Lets start off by addressing something that will cause a lot of people a lot of concern: the mana base.  Firstly you need to understand that the Mainboard is pretty much Black-Green, save for a few cards.  We will start off the land with Blooming Marsh.  We are running a whole four copies of this as it allows us to hit both of our potential one drops on turn one.  Whilst we are on the fast-lands we also run two copies of Concealed Courtyard.  Whilst this cannot hit Attune with Aether it can hit Festering Mummy.  This simple creature is often powerful against aggro.  We also run the obvious four copies of Aether Hub.  This provides consistency and helps to smooth out an cracks.  Our final non-basics are two Canyon Slough and four Evolving Wilds.  Both of these provide stability when it comes to accessing our red mana but can provide other functions when not required.  We round up the lands with three Forest, two Swamp, two Plains, and a single Mountain.



This deck is in essence a creature deck and for that reason we will run 24 creatures in our mainboard.  In the one-drop slot we have a full four copies of Festering Mummy.  This card, although good in all match-ups, is a game changer against aggressive decks.  The -1/-1 counter it gives off allows for two for ones surprisingly often.  Even if this does not occur it will trade for a two drop almost every time.

At two drop we have a play-set of Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons.  The deck works so well with this card (as the name suggests!).  If left unchecked she will very quickly form an army of Deathtouch Snakes.  Deathtouch being one of the most powerful keywords in Magic.  We also run four Channeler initiate at two drop.  This is our all-rounder. She will speed up and smooth out our curve in the early game, provide synergy in the mid-game, and be a powerful blocker in the late game.  Not only this but if we need to put some negative counters on our creatures she is where you want them.

Three drop is full of raw power however.  The obviously powerful creature here is Ammit Eternal.  This is a powerful card in any deck but here even the downside is an upside.  A three mana, 5/5, with upside.  Why wouldn’t you love that?  The eternal helps to make the deck able to turn the corner very quickly.  We also run three copies of Obelisk Spider.  This has been a surprise all-star for me.  The high toughness allows it to profitably block almost any creature as it leaches away its power and toughness.  Against fast decks this will turn the game around very quickly and against anything else this is a win condition on its own.  Oh, and it is a synergy machine since it throws -1/-1 counters all over the place.

Four drop is far simpler that those before it. We run three Crocodile of the Crossing.  This is a large body with haste. And that is all there is to say really.  It hits hard and is still relevant on defense.  This card has been in and out of the list a lot but in the end I decided to run it.  You could always replace it with either Decimator Beetle or Banewhip Punisher.  I just personally prefer the explosiveness that the crocodile has to offer.

Our final creature is The Scorpion God.  This is why we run red.  The card draw off this is ridiculous whilst its recurrence proves to be more than an irritance for the opponent.  It also acts as a mana sink, fueling our engines and killing off our opponent’s.

Finally I will mention Nest of scarabs.  This is an honorary creature since it acts as a token producer.  It may not look like much but it will win games for you, as it chucks out insects like they are going out of fashion.



Our removal package may not look like much but it’ll do the job.  We run three Grind // Dust, three Splendid Agony, and two Torment of Venom.  All three of this work well on the removal side but also synergise with the rest of the deck very well.  Additionally these also open up two for ones against aggro and are surprisingly efficient against Gods and other irritatingly hard to kill creatures.


4 Colour Hapatra

Festering Mummy
Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons
Channeler Initiate
Ammit Eternal
Obelisk Spider
Crocodile of the crossing
The Scorpion God
Nest of Scarabs
Attune with Aether
Grind // Dust
Splendid Agony
Torment of Venom
Aetther Hub
Blooming Marsh
Concealed Courtyard
Canyon Slough
Evolving Wilds


Obelisk Spider
Cast out
Fatal Push
Lethal Sting
Hour of Devastation

The Sideboard is largely geared up for aggro match-ups.  It is generally obvious what to take in and out but I will say this: Dreamstealer is ridiculously powerful against control in the current meta-game.  Especially since often they replaceHarnessed Lightning with Abrade.  This allows an externalized Dreamstealer to hit them and make them discard all their answers.

As far as strategy is concerned the most important thing is to use your life as a resource.  If waiting a turn means you will get better value then wait.  If you can get value and synergy you will turn the game around.  Just do not allow your opponent to develop a largely superior board.  Last thing is removal.  Your removal whilst synergistic is unlikely to be taking down an Ulamog any time soon.  So if a two for one arises take it.  It is all about synergy and value.


I hope you enjoyed the article, if you did please click on all of the following links but most importantly share the article. Please feel free to build the deck. It is not only competitive but fun too.

Thanks for reading,

Thomas Davis


Twitter: @MTGDavis

MTG Weekly Standard Deck-Tech: 4 Colour Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, by Thomas Davis [Blog Post]
Hour of Devastation has provided some strong pieces for this deck, is it time for Hapatra to slither into Standard?

Please let us know what you think below...

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