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MTG April 2017 Ban List Announcements, and Upcoming Events This Week

Hi everyone!

Amonkhet is HERE!

And now the prerelease weekend is over and Amonkhet is mere days away! It is your last chance to get your preorders in before the set comes out this Friday! To preorder anything from sealed product to a playset of the brand new “Gideon of the Trials“, head to our Amonkhet page.

BIG events this weekend!

We have a bunch of events on this weekend to commemorate the release of Amonkhet:

1. Commander Challenge offering 4 Masterpieces to the top finishers (including Amonkhet Invocations)

2. Amonkhet Draft Weekend! Come draft Amonkhet for the first time throughout the weekend and also earn an exclusive Oracle’s Vault promo card!

3. Magic Meeples International Tabletop Weekender

April 2017 MTG Banlist Updates All Round!

A number of formats today got new banlist updates. If you haven’t seen them, here is a summary of all the changes:

  • Standard: Felidar Guardian
  • Modern: No changes
  • Legacy: Sensei’s Divining Top is BANNED
  • Vintage: Gitaxian Probe and Gush are RESTRICTED
  • Commander: Leovold, Emissary of Trest is BANNED
    • Protean Hulk is UNBANNED
  • Duel Commander: Breya, Etherium Shaper and Vial Smasher the Fierce are BANNED
Leovold, Emissary of Trest MTG Banned
April 2017 MTG Commander ban list announcements

MaRo explains the challenges of designing and testing new MTG sets

Whilst this is a dream job for some, I think we should appreciate the amount of pressure and responsibility the role demands, and how easy it is to miss certain things, especially in an ever-changing environment. With the ever-growing amount of cards available to play with, I think Wotc are overall doing a great job.

“heartwithnobeat asked: I have to be honest, after the CoCo, Emrakul and now this format, esp when combined with you missing an infinite combo you should have seen in, I have lost all faith in R and D to create a functioning standard format. Can you give me a reason to believe in you going forward? Not trying to hate or be mean, just very disillusioned ring now.

Design’s job is to take a blank piece of paper four times a year (more if you count supplemental products) and find new and exciting design space we haven’t found in the first twenty of years of making this game and then satisfy a giant audience that all want different things for a wide variety of ways to play.

And between design and development, I think we have the easier job.

Building a constructed environment that’s complex enough that millions of players won’t crack it in a hour yet robust enough that it creates a variety of options is difficult. Development can’t solve it because then it wouldn’t be complex enough. They have to make something with the potential to become something bigger.

And if they miss one thing, one card interaction, one combo, one rules trick, the dominoes start to fall because future testing is building from a faulty premise.

And that’s not taking into account that they’re doing this with card sets that are constantly evolving and for many interactions of Standard all at the same time. Plus all the while also watching over Sealed and Draft.

Development works very hard to bring you balanced and fun formats. And yes, there’s the occasional stumble, but that’s only because what’s being asked of them is so incredibly difficult.”



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MTG BAN LIST UPDATES APRIL 2017 - Weekly Newsletter
MTG April 2017 Ban List Announcements, and Upcoming Events This Week

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