Malifaux Birmingham (UK) Beginner Event – 1st April

Malifaux Birmingham (UK) Beginner Event

Malifaux Birmingham (UK) Beginner Event – 1st April

The Birmingham Beginner Malifaux event will be a 35 SS 3 round tournament taking place on Saturday 1st April.

There will also be the opportunity for friendly games of Malifaux or other Wyrd games on the day.

Follow the discussion, pre-tournament jests and list of competitors on our Facebook page: Birmingham (UK) Tabletop and RPG Community Group

Have fun, and don’t be afraid to ask any questions!

Oliver Webster – Malifool

IMPORTANT: Please join our Facebook event here: Malifaux Birmingham (UK) Beginner Event – 1st April


When? This event will take place on 1st April, 2017 starting at 11am

Our address is:
Unit 109
130 Pershore Street
The Jubilee Centre
B5 6ND

Tel. 0121 666 7164

You can find more information on our upcoming events and directions here:

Please Facebook us ASAP at:

Opening Hours:

Mondays – Fridays: 10am – 11pm including Bank Holidays! We close after 11pm on gaming evenings, for example this event.

Saturdays & Sundays: 10am – 8pm unless there is an event on. If there is an event on then we are open from 10am until whenever the event finishes, and not before 8pm.


The Tournament Organiser

The Tournament Organiser (TO), is the sole authority at Malifaux tournaments. TOs are expected to be fair and equitable in their adjudication of any debates or rules questions. Regardless of the outcome, a TO’s ruling/decision is final. Players are encouraged to work out simple rules debates or discussions themselves as the round clock does not stop while the TO answers any questions.


The objective of any tournament is for everyone to have a good time. As such, players are expected to behave in a civil and respectful manner to one another at all times. Players should provide any legitimate information their opponents ask for during an Encounter, play their activations in a timely manner, allow opponents to cut their Decks, and generally treat each opponent as they themselves would like to be treated during the tournament.

The Warning System

Players are given a single warning when their behaviour toward other players or the TO is considered unacceptable. If the behaviour persists, and the TO determines the player to be a disruption to the tournament, it is within the TO’s authority to disqualify the player from the tournament. Don’t be that player.


There is a zero tolerance for cheating (other than Cheating Fate, which is, of course, completely acceptable). Players caught cheating by the TO will be immediately disqualified from the tournament.

Player Responsibility

Players are responsible for bringing their own:

  • Crew models
  • Rulebooks and official stat cards
  • Fate Deck
  • Measuring tape
  • Counters/markers/tokens

Cash for drinks, snacks and purchases from the store!

Proxy, Conversion, and Painting Rules

Proxies are allowed as long as they are appropriate representations of the model they stand for. Printed-out Stat Cards may not be used; players must have the official up-to-date versions for the tournaments. Models from the Puppet Wars game may be used if on appropriate bases.

Conversions are an excellent way to show off your modeling skills. If using a model that was converted with pre-made bits, you must clearly state before each match what your model represents.

Models must be assembled (glued) and fixed to the appropriate size base. The minimum painting requirement is undercoat. However, there will be prizes for the best painted models.

Tournament Rules


10:00    Venue open & registration
11:00    Round 1
12:30    Lunch
13:30    Round 2
15:00    Break
15:30    Round 3
17:00    Results and Prizes

Round Time Limit

Each round will last for 70 minutes. There is a 10-minute setup and 10-minute clear up period during which players go through the Encounter Setup with their opponents, such as determining Strategies, Schemes, and Hiring their Crews. This is additional to the amount of time provided for each round, but should be completed before the start time indicated above. The round timer will be started once all players are at their assigned tables and ready to deploy their crews.

15 minutes before the end of the allotted time, the TO calls “Last Turn”. This means that the players finish the current turn they are on, and then count their VPs.

Deployment Type

Standard Deployment will be used for all games.

Strategy Selection

Fixed Shared Strategy Tournament

Each round, the TO announces the Shared Strategy to be used by the players. The TO picks a different Shared Strategy each round. The Scheme pool will also be pre-selected.

Crew Construction

Single master/ henchman

At the start of the Tournament, each player commits to a specific master (noted by the TO), then follows the normal hiring restrictions for each round.

Common Rules for Both Events

Scheme Usage

Each round, the player has the option to use Schemes to help achieve Victory. The Scheme pool will be randomly selected in advance.

Terrain Setup

Terrain will be placed in advance by the TO and must not be moved by the players.

How to Track Scores

Tournament Points, Victory Point Differential, Total Victory Points

At the end of each Encounter, players tally up the VP that they earned that round. The player that earned more VP than his or her opponent wins the game and the opponent loses the game. In case of the same VP count, the game is a Draw.

Tournament Points [TP]: A Win awards 3 TP to the winner, a Draw awards 1 TP to each player, and a Loss awards 0 TP to the defeated player. Eg. Drew and Zee played a game, and Drew scored 6 VP while Zee scored 4 VP. Drew receives 3 TP, while Zee receives 0 TP.
Victory Points [VP]: This is the amount of points each player earned. Using the example above, Drew would have 6 VP while Zee would have 4 VP.
Combining the above statistics, at the end of round one, Drew has a score of 3TP/+2DIFF/6VP, while Zee has a score of 0TP/-2DIFF/4VP.

Pairings and Scoring Format

The first round pairings are random. After the first round, the TO pairs up players based on their TP scores. Players will always play other players with similar TP scores. After round one, players with higher TP should be paired off against one another, while players with lower TP should be paired off against one another. This continues for the established number of rounds.

Determining a Winner


At the end of the tournament, all of the players will be ranked in descending order from highest TP to lowest TP. The player with the highest TP is the winner! In case of any ties in the TP, the VP becomes the first tie-breaker.The player with the higher VP wins the tie.


Entry for the Birmingham Malifaux event is only £3 and this will cover the cost of new scenery and mats.

This will be a non-ranked tournament.

Prizes will be awarded based on the number of entries, and yes there will be a wooden spoon.
Prizes will depend upon number of entries, but the aim is the following;

1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Last place (wooden spoon – LEOH only)
Best painted crew plus runners up prize


Malifaux Birmingham (UK) Beginner Event - 1st April
The Birmingham Beginner Malifaux event will be a 35 SS 3 round tournament taking place on the Saturday only. There will also be the opportunity for friendly games of Malifaux or other Wyrd games on the day.

Please let us know what you think below...

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