Age of Sigmar (AOS) Birmingham Warlord League Rules V2

Age of Sigmar (AOS) Birmingham Warlord League Rules V2

Age of Sigmar (AOS) Birmingham Warlord League Rules V2


This league has been created as a flexible way of playing Age of Sigmar. It will run over several weeks starting the 12th of January 2017 until all players have played each player once. Most rules have been adapted out of the General’s Handbook, however some tweaks have been made which can be viewed in the following booklet.

The aim of the league is to play matches and accumulate points to climb the league table.


If you are not already a member then please join our group: Age of Sigmar Warlords League Birmingham
The Jubilee Centre
Unit 109
130 Pershore Street
B5 6ND

Open: 10am – 11pm Weekdays, 10am – 8pm Weekends

Tel. 0121 666 7164

Our Gaming Centre Groups: Birmingham (UK) Magic: The Gathering Players Group Birmingham (UK) Tabletop and RPG Community Group

We meet at every Thursday evening from 6pm, and players are welcomed to come and play at any time.


Each participant have been allotted a game against each other participant in which they must secure the most amount of points that they possibly can. Participants will use armies chosen to a points limit decided by each player before the match. Matches can be played at any point during the week, however Thursday nights will be a meet up day where everyone can discuss games and play a few too. 4 points are awarded for a win (Major or Minor), 2 points for a draw and 1 point for a loss. Scenarios will be used from the general’s handbook which can be found on page 110 – 115. If you have already played all of your allotted twelve games, and your opponent has not. Then you are playing a free game and therefore the result will not add points to your total, however the game will be as normal for the person who has yet to play all twelve.

Matches will mostly be played at Manaleak, however they can be played anywhere you wish. All results must be forwarded to a league administrator by filling in a match ticket.

Fixtures will be published for each round of the league, your fixture must be played and match ticket (match result) handed to an admin by the specified date.

In the event of a tie for first position, the winner will be determined by the highest amount of major victories.


Attendance is a key aspect of the league to keep it running smoothly. Failing to attend regularly may result in you being knocked out the league. If you believe that attendance may be a problem, then please contact one of the league admins, and we will sort something out.

Match Tickets

Match tickets will be used to record the result from the matches played by each participant. Only one ticket needs to be filled in per match.

The ticket will include the point value of both armies, the grand alliance used, player’s names and player’s signatures.

These tickets will be used so that matches can be recorded. Match tickets must be submitted by both photographing and sending a message to a league admin or by giving the tickets to the admins in person.


A player’s army must be formed solely from one of the grand alliances, Order, Death, Destruction or Chaos.

The points limit for the match must be decided between the players beforehand, however there is no limit on the size of armies. Although it is recommended that the minimum points limit should be set to 1000. Your army should not exceed this limit, however it can be under.

Armies must follow the army points values supplied in the General’s Handbook from page 129 – 152 and must follow the battlefield roles supplied in the table on page 107.

The Rules of One

  • Each spell can only be attempted only once per turn, and can only be attempted by one wizard.
  • A roll of 1 to wound, hit or save always fails.
  • Any extra attacks, hit rolls or wound rolls generated by an ability cannot themselves generate extra attacks, hit rolls or wound rolls.
  • One grand alliance per side.

Summoning or Bringing Reinforcements onto the Table

Sometimes a spell or ability would allow you to bring extra units into your army, or replace units that may have been destroyed. You MUST set aside some of your points in order to be able to use these units.

Each time a unit is added to your army you must pay for these units using the points that you set aside, if you cannot afford to then you may not bring on these units.

If adding models to a unit, the number of models in the unit cannot exceed the number of models which started in that unit at the start of the game.


You may not shoot into combat.

If a unit with a missile weapon is in combat, then they must choose an enemy unit they are in combat with to attack with the missile weapon.

Legacy Warscrolls

Some Legacy Warscrolls ask you to do silly things, for example have the largest moustache, or shout waahhhhhggghhh every time you charge. These actions are not required, however you may do them if you so wish.


Models with the Monster keyword do not get a save from cover, as they are too large.

Command Traits

Command traits and artefacts will not be used during the Warlord League.

And Most Importantly…

Remember to have fun and be patient with new players, you were there once!

Age of Sigmar (AOS) Birmingham Warlord League Rules V2
This league has been created as a flexible way of playing Age of Sigmar. It will run over several weeks starting the 12th of January 2017 until all players have played each player once.

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