Wizards of the Coast Twitch Agreement, Standard Showdown – Ten Minute Magic (December 9, 2016)

Kaladesh Standard Showdown Booster Packs Animated Gif
Kaladesh Standard Showdown Booster Packs

Ten Minute Magic (December 9, 2016) – Wizards of the Coast Twitch Agreement, Standard Showdown

Join Joseph Dunlap and Joe Butcher in this week’s episode of Ten Minute Magic, a bi-weekly podcast format that highlights recent news in the world of Magic: The Gathering and looks at recent content on Manaleak.com.

This is what’s going on in Magic: The Gathering this week…

1. Wizards announce new streaming partnership

Wizards of the Coast, on the 17th November, announced a partnership with the premier games streaming website, Twitch.

This announcement held the statement that Twitch will be the exclusive content broadcast, streaming and distribution partner for Magic the Gathering. This collaboration is supposed to deliver the best possible quality coverage and streaming experience for all watching. Helene Bergeot commented that Wizards have had a “strong relationship with Twitch for years” and that their agreement will make their partnership stronger and push the coverage of flagship Magic events to the next level.

Twitch will become the exclusive streaming provider for all countries outside of Japan and China for Grand Prix’s, Pro Tours, World Championships and the World Magic Cup. Staying on the topic of the World Magic Cup…

2. Greece wins World Magic Cup

Starting on November 18th, the World Magic Cup kicked off with 73 countries being represented. The following 3 days consisted of high level Magic play as each team of 4, made up of 3 World Cup Qualifier winners and the National Champion, strived to be named Champion. Day One of the Tournament saw the Team Draft event, with 48 teams finding their way through to Day 2 and the Team Unified Modern portion.

The second day saw 8 teams; Belgium, Finland, Greece, Australia, Italy, Ukraine, Belarus and Panama win through to compete in Day 3. The final day saw a storm of matches played, with 13 different archetypes being represented across all remaining 32 players.

Finals saw Greece, the 2014 runners-up pitted against Belgium, the then-1st seed team. Greece proceeded to run rampant on the Sunday of the event, winning 2-0 with Infect winning a mirror-match and Dredge winning against Goryo’s Vengeance.

Greece, the winners of the 2016 World Magic Cup

Greece left with each player earning 8 Pro Points, invitations and airfare to Pro Tour Aether Revolt and $12,000 dollars.

3. Wizards of the Coast announce brand new competition

Each Saturday until the 17th of December, there will be a new tournament around. Called the Standard Showdown, it is a competition held at local game stores with the prizes of special 3-card booster packs. These packs will be made up of one premium card from the currently legal Standard set, including Expeditions and Masterpieces, and tow rare or mythic rare non-premium cards from a currently legal Standard set. The competition will consist of 3-4 rounds of Magic, playing strictly Standard.

This competition will seek to find the strongest decks in Standard, potentially throwing the metagame into turmoil. Providing players the chance to enter their brews in more casual Wizards- sponsored tournaments releases the pressure of playing ‘The Best Deck’, but instead promotes diversity and variety in cards and decks played, maybe even introducing a diamond-cutting terror unknown to the rest of the world.

Whilst this may be the case, Standard has had long enough to establish the strong archetypes within the Metagame and just because a home-brewed deck wins at a Local Game Store doesn’t mean that it will necessarily scale up to national or international standards. Whilst possibly providing a strong basis for people to produce brand new brews or adaptations to current archetypes, it may also increase the competing field’s diversity, diluting the chance to produce a well-tuned list with a possible upset to the meta.

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Wizards of the Coast Twitch Agreement, Standard Showdown - Ten Minute Magic (December 9, 2016)
Join Joseph Dunlap and Joe Butcher in this week’s episode of Ten Minute Magic, a bi-weekly podcast format that highlights recent news in the world of Magic: The Gathering and looks at recent content on Manaleak.com.

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