The Seven Deadly Sins of Magic: The Gathering – Draw 4 Podcast (Episode 20)

Join us in Episode 20 of Draw 4 Podcast!

Draw 4 is a Magic: The Gathering podcast that seeks to engage players of all ranges of experience through community discussion and recurring guests of varied backgrounds.

This week on Draw 4 Podcast, join in the conversation with Josh and James Kelley of the Production Team. First, they talk about what to do when you grow bored of a deck you’ve played for a long time. Do you trade it in and start anew, or do you tweak your decklist to keep it relevant in the format? In this week’s Manaleak Article of the Week, Josh and James look at the article Do Kids Have a Place In Magic: The Gathering? By Kerry Meyerhoff.

Then in the Community Topic, they discuss a popular Reddit thread listing the Personal Seven Deadly Sins of Magic: The Gathering. In this interesting quiz, users were encouraged to answer seven questions about their personal journey in MTG, encouraging complete self-honesty. Give a listen to Josh and James’s answers, and then see what answers you come up with for yourself.

What are your 7 deadly sins of Magic: The Gathering?
1. Greed: What is your most expensive part of your collection?
2. Wrath: What card do you hate the most?
3. Gluttony: What speculations did you make that worked out?
4. Sloth: What aspect of your game do you know needs work? Or, what should you be doing that you just don’t?
5. Pride: What achievement in magic are you most proud of?
6. Lust: Which card or version of a card do you want the most?
7. Envy: What card in your friends collection do you want the most?

This week’s Community Question comes directly from the “Pride” section of the Seven Deadly Sins…

Community Question: What achievement in Magic are you most proud of?

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