Magic: The Gathering (MTG) – Magic: The Rap Video (It’s Actually Quite Good)

I got my black backpack
and I’m ready to roll
with my crew, everybody
yeah, it’s out of control

got an itch, I’m-a scratch it
and it’s gonna be tragic
I got a big ol’ hankering
aw yeah, for playing some Magic

so I’m busting out my cards
gonna make me some decks
You gonna pack them full of spells?
Baby, what you expect??

Got my dice, got my sleeves
got my life count meter
you talk to any girls today? No.
Yeah, me neither

I’m a Planeswalker
oh, I’m a master of sorcery
a Lightning Bolt to the dome
if you ever come close to me

try me in a battle
and I won’t be worse
you’re messing with
the baddest mother in the multiverse

Mono red, mono black
blue control, stompy greeny
gonna take you down
my strategy is white weenie

tapping all my mana
I pay the entwine
you never saw a mystic wizard
casting spells sweet as mine

but I only tap plains
ain’t nobody can touch me
I like white weenie so much
they call me Jerry Sandusky

you fellas want to
play this other game
the cards are kinda smaller,
I can grab it?

Nah, son!
we’re playing Magic!

up at work
oh man, I’m clamoring
when I’m speakin’ in my sleep
and when I’m stammering

when I’m thinkin’ in the sink
and when I’m lathering
all I’m thinking about is playing
Magic the Gathering!

starting up a new game
I’m a roll my D20
gonna play first, aw yeah
it’s gonna be money

Draw seven cards
and I look at my hand
I’m like a Palestinian
I ain’t got no land!

Peel six cards
hand looks alright
look at Carl Icahn
looking for a proxy fight

What, I can’t use proxies?
No, you can’t. Well why can’t I?
Because unlike the state of Georgia
you ain’t got a Savannah

Rampant Growth, Rampant Growth
dropping lands like a fool
accelerating into trees
like Oksana Bayoul

because my deck straight features
big fat creatures
turn them sideways and then
I’m gonna beat ya

What you playing? Tribal Cats.
Man, that deck’s lookin’ stupid
you should call it kitty litter–
all you’re doing is scooping

Switching to Fish
you’re about to get bent
I thought you only played white, Remy
yeah, but it’s Lent

Looking to buy?
Well, guy, I be your man
I’m your one stop shop
when it comes to contraband

collectable foils
best check on your eyelids
so many $10 cards
you’d think that this was Papyrus

Got any Standard rares?
Give this a quality good look
it’s got more Type II
than a Paula Dean cookbook

I don’t see any counterspells
my supplies are scary
need so much permission, man
you’d think I was married

Attack phase!
I’m using the stack and
go 187
all up on your dragon

Wait, how’d that dude get bigger
You’re like Plaxico Burress–
you don’t understand triggers

Think I’ll be defeated?
Better check your sobriety
The only thing that I ain’t beaten
is my social anxiety

Drop a Serra Angel
and I’m moving fast
Tap my mana
THEN I TAP DA–oh wait.
It’s Vigilant.

by GoRemy

“Magic: the Rap” available on iTunes now!!­80

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by Mox Donut

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Filmed by Sam Grahn
Beat by Gabriel Laflex

Model – Amanda Blewett
Make up – Kait Noir

Thanks to John & Jeff at World of Collections for letting us shoot in their shop.

Additional thanks to Wasteland Karl aka Karl Spreine for making it out to the comic shop shoot. As well as Gabriel Laflex… drafting rares with us squares.

This song is available on iTunes, Spotfy, Amazon Prime, Google Play and possibly a jukebox at a diner in Poughkeepsie.


How about a rap that mentions every White card from Shadows over Innistrad?

Shadows Over Illistrad – The Cult Leader (W)

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Magic: The Gathering (MTG) - Magic: The Rap Video (It's Actually Quite Good)
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