A Beginner’s Guide To Momir Basic (Video)

Hey everybody and welcome to The Mana Leek, I am John as always and its time for something near and dear to my heart: Momir Basic!

If you are a regular viewer of The Mana Leek then you’ll know Momir, you would have seen me play it a ton of times. But for anybody who is not familiar with it; boy are you in for a treat!

Momir is the Community Super League format next week and I could not be more excited to watch 5 full matches of with very entertaining people, its going to be fantastic. So that’s maybe why you’re here, you’ve just heard about Momir and you’re kinda curious about what this weird format is. So what is it? Well, here we go!…

by The Mana Leek

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A Beginner's Guide To Momir Basic (Video)

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