Shadows over Innistrad Intro Pack Review: Is it worth it to buy a Shadows over Innistrad Intro Pack for Magic: The Gathering?

Many Magic: The Gathering Players Ask The Question: Is it worth it to buy a Shadows Over Innistrad Intro Pack?

As the name implies, Intro packs are intended to introduce newer players to Magic: The Gathering as well as introduce all players, new and old to new expansions, in this case Shadows Over Innistrad and its mechanics.

Each Intro pack also contains an alternate art promo card to incentivise collectors, as well as attempting to provide players with beginning deck.

But just how well do the intro packs of shadows over innistrad meet these important goals? Let’s take a look!

An intro pack contains the following: one supposedly ready to play 60 card deck, a foil premium rare, 2 shadows over innistrad booster packs, and…not really anything else. A strategy insert and rules reference card, I guess.

The average retail price for a Shadows Over Innistrad Intro Pack is 15.00 USD.
If you were to walk up to the counter at your local game store and purchase 2 booster packs, they would be 4.00 each for a total of 8.00. The means that you are essentially paying $7.00 for the 60 card intro deck including the premium alternate art rare.

A really good mental exercise in examining worth is simply to ask yourself, if the intro deck itself, without the booster packs, was for sale for $7.00, would you buy it? And if intro packs cost a different amount at your location, be it less or more, you can adjust accordingly. What’s just this 60 card deck worth to you?

The 60 card decks contain 2 rares, one of which is the alternate art foil. The rest are a selection of commons and uncommons and of course a large amount of land in the pack’s colors.

I’ve looked at the value of intro pack card rares in the past and found that, with the rarest of exception, they are usually always near worthless, oftentimes worth well under a dollar. For shadows over innistrad the rares and their current values are:

What are the rest of the cards? One word answer: bulk.

With very rare exception, intro packs are comprised of what is called bulk cards: mostly commons and some uncommons, none of which are any value and little of which ever sees any significant constructed play.

by Tolarian Community College

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Shadows over Innistrad Intro Pack Review

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