How to Replacing Faulty, Defective and Missing Magic: the Gathering (MTG) Products in 4 Simple Steps, By Michael Glover

The box of replacement goods from Wizards

How to replace faulty and missing Magic: the Gathering (MTG) products in 4 simple steps

Picture the scene, you’re at your local game store cracking open booster packs from the Oath of the Gatewatch booster box that you’ve just purchased– and what’s this? You’ve just opened your first ever Expedition Land, a Forbidden Orchard to be exact. You double sleeve your shiny card up, place it inside a brand new fresh top loader, sit back, admire its foily goodness and enjoy the fact that you’ve just managed to open an Expedition Land.

But on closer inspection you find that the card is damaged straight out of the booster, with a little wear down the right side, yes this rare fancy land that you’ve just cracked open is damaged out of the pack. So the question is, what can you do?

Expedition Land, a Forbidden Orchard
Notice the slight white marks on the black where the foils shines through, as well as upwards along the side.

If you live in the USA it’s a simple case of contacting Wizards and they will arrange for a pick up, their phone number is:1-800-324-6496 (US and Canada) 9am – 5pm (Pacific Time). For other countries, I have included comprehensive list of contact details for Wizards of the Coast at the bottom of this article.

But what if you don’t live in the US? Well, this article will offer a step-by-step guide for what you need to do if you want to replace a damaged card or product from outside the US in 4 simple steps.

You will find this new page very helpful: Wizards of the Coast Product Replacement

1. Keep Hold of the Original Packaging (But Don’t Worry if you Don’t Have it)

The first thing you’re going to need to do is have to hand, if possible, the booster wrapper that the card came in. If your issue is with a product that is missing, such as a booster with no rare, or a deck that’s missing cards then you’ll need the rest of that product. You will also need the sales receipt for the product if possible.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the wrapper your booster came in, I did not need it for my claim.

A Guide to Replacing Defective and Missing Magic: The Gathering Products


2. Open a Support Ticket, and Include the Correct Contact Details!

Your next step is to open up a support ticket with Wizards of the Coast, tell them what product you have an issue with and explain what’s wrong with it. Please make sure that you include your correct contact details. This is important, as when they receive your card/product, they can use the support ticket to contact you and update you.


3. Send the Item in if a Replacement is Required, Remember to use Tracking & Insurance!

Now, Wizards will compensate the postage cost in the form of product(s), which for myself was four Magic: The Gathering booster packs, the only problem is that you’re going to want to send your item to them using a delivery service that offers tracking and insurance. At the time, my damaged Forbidden Orchard was worth more than £20 (or $28 USD to our international readers), the Royal Mail would cover up to £20 GBP ($28 USD) for a lost letter, and as such I had to be send it using International Signed For

There are a few delivery options available, and if you are sending products to Wizards of the Coast that is valuable then I would strongly recommend using the Royal Mail’s International Signed For service. To determine if something is of value to you, simply ask yourself: “How would I feel if this item was lost?”

You’ll need to send the item(s) to this address:

Attn: Product Replacement
Wizards of the Coast
1600 Lind Ave SW
STE #400
Renton, WA 98057

Please DO NOT use the address Wizards provides on their website as it’s a PO box and can’t accept Signed For post.

Please make sure that you include a note with the damaged goods and state your support ticket number. You’ll want to write the support ticket number as clearly as possible to make it easier for Wizards support staff to find your ticket and know what’s going on.

One Magic: The Gathering card inside a top loader in a padded letter, with International Signed For tracking comes to a total of £7.18 GBP ($10 USD), price accurate as of March 2016.

I’d like to point out again, that if you are going to the effort of getting your product(s) replaced, then always try to send them using the Signed For service. This is because you will need that tracking information should anything goes wrong. Yes, Wizards provides product to help you cover the shipping costs, but you still need to make sure that your item gets to Wizards of the Coast first.


4. Wait for a Replacement Item to be Shipped to you

It took around 10 days for the card to arrive at Wizards Renton, USA office, plus a few days of me emailing Wizards to make sure that I had everything in order before I posted it. So that’s about 2 weeks from me realising that I had a damaged card, and getting said damaged card to Wizards of the Coast in America.

A few days later after my tracking service told me that the package had been signed for, I received an email informing me the following,

“Thank you for your patience. I have ordered your replacement product to be sent to your mailing address. You should be receiving it in the next 7-10 business days.”

Eight days later, I received the following email with the message,

“We appreciate your continued patience with the time it has taken for us to locate your tracking number. Your packages USPS tracking number is:…”

When I checked the tracking information it showed that the item had not yet been posted. It was not until the 17th of March that I received my package, around a week later than when Wizards said I should have received it. But that’s okay.

The box of replacement goods from Wizards
The box of replacement goods from Wizards of the Coast

Inside the package I found, the replacement card inside the same top-loader I’d sent to them, a cover letter as well as four booster packs of Dragons of Tarkir! Which was the compensation for the initial postage cost.

Replacement Expedition Land Forbidden Orchard from Wizards of the Coast
Replacement Forbidden Orchard Expedition Land from Wizards of the Coast. Apologies for the poor image quality.


Summary and Final Thoughts

So the bottom line is that it took around about a month for me to get my replacement product from Wizards of the Coast, from the date of the first email I’d sent them.

It costed me £7.18 GBP ($10 USD) in postage and packaging, which I got back in the form of four booster packs, which is was really nice– thank you Wizards!

That brings us to the question of whether or not you should use this service.

If you have a damaged card that’s worth more than £20 ($28 USD), and you are fine with paying over £7 ($10 USD) for affectively 4 booster packs (note, this is not guaranteed to always be the case), I would say that it is worth it, but be prepared to wait for about 4 weeks to get your replacement delivered to you.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this and that you have found it helpful. I also hope that you don’t ever have to send off for damaged goods, but if you do, then I hope you are now more informed on the process and what actions you need to take, to have your Magic: The Gathering products replaced.

You will find this new page very helpful: Wizards of the Coast Product Replacement

Wizards of the Coast Contact Details


E-mail Support

Phone Support
Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm (Japan Standard Time)
Japan: 03-4477-4637

Latin America

E-mail Support

Phone Support
Phone support is available in English only. Local numbers are provided for your convenience.
Seven Days a Week 9am – 5pm (Pacific Time)

Local Number:
Argentina: 0+351 587 0167
Bolivia: 800 110 319
Brazil: 0+1147002251
Chile: 0+223937020
Colombia: 0+14192639
Mexico: 01+5547380419
Peru: 17 061 933
Venezuela: 212 720 2087

Asia Pacific

E-mail Support

Phone Support
Phone support is available in English only. Local numbers are provided for your convenience.
Seven Days a Week 9am – 5pm (Pacific Time)

Local Number:
Australia: 02+82281632
China: 0+4008881042
Hong Kong: 30134522
Indonesia: 001 8038 52 9038
South Korea: 02+34834880
Malaysia: 03+77240003
New Zealand: 9 915 0129
Philippines: 0+180089088324
Singapore: 68185417
Taiwan: 02+26507432
Thailand: 001 800 441 6122

European Union / Russian Federation /Africa

Community Question: This is my first article, what do you think? Did I miss anything out? Do I need to cover any steps in more detail?

Please let me know in the comments below and I will keep this post as updated and as comprehensive as possible.

Thanks for reading,

Michael Glover

How to Replacing Faulty, Defective and Missing Magic: the Gathering (MTG) Products in 4 Simple Steps, By Michael Glover
How to Replacing Faulty, Defective and Missing Magic: the Gathering (MTG) Products in 4 Simple Steps

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