Ten Minute Magic (March 20, 2016) – Diversity in Magic: The Gathering, Mecha Goyf, and Reading the Cards

Join Joseph Dunlap and Ben Cottee of Draw 4 Podcast in the very first episode of Ten Minute Magic, a weekly podcast format that highlights recent news in the world of Magic: The Gathering and looks at exceptional comments from recent Magic content on the internet.

This is what’s going on in Magic: The Gathering this week…


Diversity Is The Marketing Strategy

Forbes published an article this week titled For ‘Magic: The Gathering,’ Diversity Is The Marketing Strategy by Lauren Orsini. The article highlighted an all-female Magic team and cosplayer Christine Sprankle.


So far in 2016, Gaby Spartz joined the coverage team for two consecutive Grand Prix tournaments, and there are more prominent female Magic players writing for the mothership. Magic: The Gathering’s growth has stalled since the rush of new players a few years ago during Zendikar. As Wizards of the Coast continues to focus on equal representation and diversity in the Magic community, will the game once again see a growth in its player base?


Magic Online Myr Superion Bug

On Magic: The Gathering Online, Myr Superion is currently bugged and ignores the mana restrictions on its cost – two generic mana that must be paid for by creature-generated mana. Luis Scott-Vargas has referred to the bug as Mecha Goyf.

While there is no current fix for the bug, Wizards of the Coast has issued a strong warning that players are not to exploit the bug by casting Myr Superion inappropriately. Any players who do so during this weekend’s MOCS will be banned.


Shadows over Innistrad

Everyone is speculating – who is the big baddy in Shadows over Innistrad? Some say Emrakul (although the generic public has had enough of the Eldrazi for now), Nahiri, Nicol Bolas, or even Marit Lage coming to visit from Coldnsap. Or is it just the new Avacyn?

Engulf the Shore Marit Lage Shadows over Innistrad

The new Shadows over Innistrad spoilers are exciting for the Magic community. The overall flavor for the set appears to be pretty close to that of the original Innistrad block, but we can expect Eldritch Moon to depart from that. The civil war storyline between the angels is intriguing, there’s a Narhini and Sorin subplot, and mysteries that Jace and Tamiyo are tracking.

With spoiler season well underway, in the past week we’ve seen reveals for vampires, werewolves, Investigate synergy for Clue tokens, cool flip cards at all rarities including Westvale Abbey/Ormendahl, Profane Prince, and Olivia, Mobilized for War. All four planeswalkers for the set have been revealed as well: Nahiri, the Harbinger, Arlinn Kord, Jace, Unraveler of Secrets, and Sorin, Grim Nemesis.

Shadows over Innistrad planeswalkers.

Most of these planeswalkers seem to be nearly identical – card draw, removal effect, and a powerful ultimate – and based off the template of Ob Nixilis Reignited from Battle for Zendikar. Is this a sign of how planeswalkers will appear over the future, or just the way Wizards wants the Standard format to play out for now?


Featured Manaleak Articles

Graeme McIntyre wrote an informative article, 10 Great Tips To Help You Improve at Magic: The Gathering Immediately which truly delivered in its promise. The general theme in the comments added an eleventh tip, which is to read your cards so you know exactly what they do.

Graeme's 10 Tips Article

Dan Long commented: “There are way too many players who think they know what the card says, but when they actually read it… And hand-in-hand with that is: when there is a rules question, just get the answer. When in doubt, ask.”

Trevor Caldwell commented: “I have played far too many games that could have turned out very differently if either I or my opponent had just read the cards correctly. Another big tip in my book is to pay attention very closely to triggers.”

Another well received article published recently was Is it Ethical for MTG Pro Players to Expect Opponents to Concede Before the Top 8 of a GP? by Joseph Dunlap. It was based off an article by Eric Froehlich which spoke an unspoken truth about competitive Magic but was negatively received because of its overall tone. Froehlich endeavored to accurately communicate the manner in which pro players view the idea of conceding to a fellow pro player in a situation where it would guarantee a Top 8 spot for both players, and it struck a nerve with the Magic community.

Joseph's Article About Top 8 Concessions

Zach Stackhouse commented: “I am a bit torn on intentional draws … If I find myself X-1 going into a final round where a draw would mathematically guarantee me a Top 8 spot, and the other guy is in the same position, I’d offer to ID. … That being said, I found Froehlich’s article distasteful. A player has every right to refuse an ID for any reason whatsoever, and to even hint that there would be some sort of consequence for refusing crosses an ethical border in my mind.”

Kevin Moore commented: “Let’s say you’ve a close personal friend who if you beat gets booted from the Top 8… I would hardly blame someone in that situation from conceding. I can even understand someone who invests a massive amount of time, effort and money into getting a Top 8 spot not wanting to jeopardize that in the future by making enemies. However that doesn’t change the argument that it violates the spirit of the competition.”

Thank you for joining us on the first instalment of Ten Minute Magic. We would love to hear your feedback on the presentation, format, and length – the idea is to run through Magic news and recent article discussions in roughly ten minutes – so please leave a comment with your thoughts and we look forward to hearing from you.

Joseph and Ben


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