The Top 5 Best Magic: The Gathering YouTube Channels Ever, by Joseph Dunlap

The Top 5 Best Magic The Gathering YouTube Channels Ever Made

The top 5 best Magic: The Gathering YouTube channels ever, as voted on by the Magic community

Last month, I polled the Magic: The Gathering community on Facebook and based on the results, I wrote The Top 5 Magic: The Gathering Twitch Streamers.

The article went over so well (and was featured on the mothership), I have polled the community yet again with a new question:

What are your favourite Magic: The Gathering YouTube channels?

Based on the responses from the Magic community, I present to you The Top 5 Magic: The Gathering YouTube Channels (and this time, there’s not a three-way tie for fifth place – it’s actually a list of five).


5. Geek & Sundry (Spellslingers)

In case you’ve never heard of Geek & Sundry, it is the YouTube channel run by actress Felicia Day and home to original shows such as The Guild (the adventures of World of Warcraft addicts), Tabletop (Wil Wheaton plays board games with celebrities), and Spellslingers.

In many ways, Spellslingers is not unlike Tabletop. It is hosted by Sean Plott, better known as Day[9] by StarCraft fans, and it features Sean playing Magic: The Gathering with friends and celebrities.

In a previous article, Top 10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Play Magic: The Gathering, I listed that Spellslingers has brought in many celebrity guests including Jesse Cox, Greg Miller, Allie Brosh, MythBusters star Grant Imahara, MMA fighter Josh Barnett, retired NFL punter Chris Kluwe, and Firefly star Alan Tudyk.

But who else has Spellslingers brought in as a guest?

Well, there was that time Magic: The Gathering Hall-of-Famer Luis Scott-Vargas made an appearance…

Luis Scott-Vargas faces off with Sean Plott in Spellslingers.
Luis Scott-Vargas faces off with Sean Plott in Spellslingers.

Over the past two and a half years, Spellslingers has presented Magic: The Gathering in fun, humourous and educational videos featuring geek celebrities joking around and casting spells. The rules are explained, to some extent, in a simple fashion that makes the videos enjoyable for viewers who have no knowledge or experience with the game. Spellslingers has brought many new players to Magic: The Gathering through its light-hearted approach to the game we all love.

Geek & Sundry has over 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube. An average episode of Spellslingers receives 500,000 views.


4. StarCityGames

The StarCityGames channel on YouTube is a valuable tool for Magic: The Gathering players of all levels of experience. A quick trip to their YouTube channel shows they are constantly and consistently uploading content for their viewers.

StarCityGames channel on YouTube

StarCityGames uploads range from well-organized tournament matches to premium video archives to their signature VS (versus) series.

If you’re interested in trying a new deck, you can find pros giving it a test drive. If you want to learn about specific matchups, you can check out the VS videos, or comb through the featured matches for recent SCG tournaments.

StarCityGames has nearly 90,000 subscribers on YouTube.


3. The Mana Source

TheManaSource is a Magic: The Gathering news channel that covers spoilers, tournaments, and metagame analysis.

TheManaSource is a Magic: The Gathering news channel

The host of TheManaSource goes by the moniker “Wedge”. Multiple videos are uploaded each week spanning deck tech, speculation, budget decks, and plenty of other topics that appeal to the majority of the Magic community. The informative nature of the channel makes it a community favourite.

TheManaSource has over 90,000 subscribers on YouTube.


2. Channel Fireball

ChannelFireball features some of the most brilliant minds of Magic: The Gathering, including notable Hall-of-Famers. With such a full roster, viewers get a steady stream of content on a daily basis.

Team ChannelFireball from Pro Tour Born of the Gods.
Team ChannelFireball from Pro Tour Born of the Gods.

Personalities such as LSV, Paul Cheon, Reid Duke, and Owen Turtenwald upload multiple playlists a week on ChannelFireball’s channel where they play an 8-man event on Magic: The Gathering Online with a particular deck. The content is presented in an enjoyable and educational format that makes ChannelFireball’s videos accessible for Magic players of any range of experience.

There are over 1,000 playlists of Team ChannelFireball pros piloting decks on MTGO, and a new playlist is uploaded on a daily basis. Luis Scott-Vargas’ videos are so popular, his playlists have their own category on the CFB channel.

ChannelFireball has almost 80,000 subscribers on YouTube.


1. Tolarian Community College

Tolarian Community College won the poll by a landslide. The only difficult thing is how do you describe Tolarian Community College in a few sentences?

The Professor of Tolarian Community College is the most popular Magic: The Gathering based YouTube channel.

Hosted by The Professor, Tolarian Community College (or TCC) primarily uploads reviews of Magic: The Gathering sets and supplementary products such as card sleeves and deck boxes. Each Magic product is reviewed by TCC, and The Professor provides insight on whether a product is a worthy investment. TCC’s deck tech videos span all Magic formats, and equal focus is given to budget decks and popular Tier 1 decks.

But that’s just the beginning.

Magic: The Amateuring, a Magic: The Gathering podcast, uploads to the TCC YouTube channel, as does its brand-new counterpart Magic: The PROthering. The Professor has also started a new series which is growing in popularity, “Magic: The Gathering Office Hours”, in which he calls planeswalkers (portrayed by well-known cosplayers of the community) to his office to reprimand them for lack of creative design in relation to their colour identity.

Tolarian Community College has over 120,000 subscribers on YouTube, and a total of 21.5 million views.


So, what did you think of the results? Would you have voted differently? Was there another YouTube channel you were hoping to see on the list? Let us know in the comments!

Community Question: What qualities do you most enjoy in a Magic: The Gathering themed YouTube channel?

Thanks for reading,

Joseph Dunlap

The Top 5 Best Magic: The Gathering YouTube Channels Ever, by Joseph Dunlap
The top 5 best Magic: The Gathering YouTube channels ever, as voted by the Magic community

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