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It was announced earlier today that Wizards of the Coast will be releasing a new Magic: The Gathering set ‘Eternal Masters‘ which will focusing on staple cards for Legacy, Vintage, Cube and Commander. The cards included in this set will be from across Magic’s history and is designed to be a unique and enjoyable draft experience.

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You are probably wondering how much the Eternal Master booster boxes are selling for. Well you can now click here to check the price and preorder. Please note that there are very limited quantities available, and prices will only increase, so if you are planning to make a purchase then it is always advised to order sooner rather than later with these types of products.

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UPDATE: 10/11/16

In an effort to surprise and delight both stores and players over the holidays, Wizards of the Coast are releasing a small reprint of Eternal Masters.

Wizards goal is to get Eternal Masters into the hands of interested players without distracting from Kaladesh or Aether Revolt. The size of the print run was chosen with that balance in mind.

You can order them now here: Buy Eternal Masters UK

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EMA header

Serf Token Eternal Masters Magic The Gathering SpoilersEternal Masters Booster Pack Eternal Masters Spoilers MTG 3Eternal Masters Booster Pack Eternal Masters Spoilers MTG 1Eternal Masters Booster Pack Eternal Masters Spoilers MTG 2Eternal Masters Card List: White

Calciderm Eternal MastersBallynock Cohort Eternal MastersAven Riftwatcher Eternal MastersBenevolent Bodyguard Eternal MastersCoalition Honor Guard Eternal MastersBalance Eternal MastersEight-and-a-Half-Tails Eternal MastersEnlightened Tutor Eternal MastersFaith's Fetters Eternal MastersElite Vanguard Eternal MastersField of Souls Eternal MastersHonden of Cleansing Fire Eternal MastersGlimmerpoint Stag Eternal MastersKor Hookmaster Eternal MastersJareth, Leonine Titan Eternal MastersKarmic Guide Eternal MastersHumble Eternal MastersMistral Charger Eternal MastersMesa Enchantress Eternal MastersIntangible Virtue Eternal MastersMonk Idealist Eternal MastersMother of Runes Eternal MastersPacifism Eternal MastersRaise the Alarm Eternal MastersSerra Angel Eternal MastersSoulcatcher Eternal MastersRally the Peasants Eternal MastersSeal of Cleansing Eternal MastersSecond Thoughts Eternal MastersShelter Eternal MastersWall of Omens Eternal MastersUnexpectedly Absent Eternal MastersSquadron Hawk Eternal MastersWelkin Guide Eternal MastersWar Priest of Thune Eternal MastersSwords to Plowshares Eternal MastersWrath of God Eternal MastersWhitemane Lion Eternal Masters

Eternal Masters Card List: Blue

Arcanis the Omnipotent Eternal MastersCephalid Sage Eternal MastersCounterspell Eternal MastersBrainstorm Eternal MastersControl Magic Eternal MastersDaze Eternal MastersDiminishing Returns Eternal MastersDream Twist Eternal MastersDeep Analysis Eternal MastersFact or Fiction Eternal MastersFuture Sight Eternal MastersForce of Will Eternal MastersGaseous Form Eternal MastersHonden of Seeing Winds Eternal MastersGlacial Wall Eternal MastersGiant Tortoise Eternal MastersInkwell Leviathan Eternal MastersHydroblast Eternal MastersMan-o'-War Eternal MastersJace, the Mind Sculptor Eternal MastersMemory Lapse Eternal MastersJetting Glasskite Eternal MastersMerfolk Looter Eternal MastersMystical Tutor Eternal MastersOona's Grace Eternal MastersPhantom Monster Eternal MastersPeregrine Drake Eternal MastersPhyrexian Ingester Eternal MastersProdigal Sorcerer Eternal MastersQuiet Speculation Eternal MastersScreeching Skaab Eternal MastersSerendib Efreet Eternal MastersShoreline Ranger Eternal MastersSprite Noble Eternal MastersStupefying Touch Eternal MastersSilent Departure Eternal MastersWarden of Evos Isle Eternal MastersTidal Wave Eternal MastersWonder Eternal Masters

Eternal Masters Card List: Black

Blightsoil Druid Eternal MastersBraids, Cabal Minion Eternal MastersAnnihilate Eternal MastersAnimate Dead Eternal MastersBlood Artist Eternal MastersCarrion Feeder Eternal MastersDeadbridge Shaman Eternal MastersCabal Therapy Eternal MastersGravedigger Eternal MastersEyeblight's Ending Eternal MastersEntomb Eternal MastersDuress Eternal MastersIchorid Eternal MastersHymn to Tourach Eternal MastersHavoc Demon Eternal MastersHonden of Night's Reach Eternal MastersLys Alana Scarblade Eternal MastersInnocent Blood Eternal MastersMalicious Affliction Eternal MastersNekrataal Eternal MastersNight's Whisper Eternal MastersNausea Eternal MastersPhyrexian Gargantua Eternal MastersPlague Witch Eternal MastersPhyrexian Rager Eternal MastersNecropotence Eternal MastersSinkhole Eternal MastersProwling Pangolin Eternal MastersSengir Autocrat Eternal MastersSkulking Ghost Eternal MastersToxic Deluge Eternal MastersTragic Slip Eternal MastersVampiric Tutor Eternal MastersUrborg Uprising Eternal MastersVictimize Eternal MastersTwisted Abomination Eternal MastersVisara the Dreadful Eternal MastersWake of Vultures Eternal MastersWakedancer Eternal Masters

Eternal Masters Card List: Red

Avarax Eternal MastersBeetleback Chief Eternal MastersBorderland Marauder Eternal MastersCarbonize Eternal MastersBattle Squadron Eternal MastersFaithless Looting Eternal MastersBurning Vengeance Eternal MastersChain Lightning Eternal MastersDesperate Ravings Eternal MastersCrater Hellion Eternal MastersDualcaster Mage Eternal MastersDragon Egg Eternal MastersGamble Eternal MastersFirebolt Eternal MastersSulfuric Vortex Eternal MastersWildfire Emissary Eternal MastersTooth and Claw Eternal MastersWorldgorger Dragon Eternal MastersUndying Rage Eternal MastersYoung Pyromancer Eternal MastersFervent Cathar Eternal MastersFlame Jab Eternal MastersHonden of Infinite Rage Eternal MastersKeldon Champion Eternal MastersKeldon Marauders Eternal MastersGhitu Slinger Eternal MastersKird Ape Eternal MastersMogg War Marshal Eternal MastersMogg Fanatic Eternal MastersOrcish Oriflamme Eternal MastersPyrokinesis Eternal MastersPrice of Progress Eternal MastersRorix Bladewing Eternal MastersStingscourger Eternal MastersSeismic Stomp Eternal MastersPyroblast Eternal MastersReckless Charge Eternal MastersSiege-Gang Commander Eternal MastersSneak Attack Eternal MastersEternal Masters Card List: Green

Ancestral Mask Eternal MastersBrawn Eternal MastersCentaur Chieftain Eternal MastersAbundant Growth Eternal MastersArgothian Enchantress Eternal MastersCivic Wayfinder Eternal MastersCommune with the Gods Eternal MastersEmperor Crocodile Eternal MastersElvish Vanguard Eternal MastersElephant Guide Eternal MastersFlinthoof Boar Eternal MastersGaea's Blessing Eternal MastersGreen Sun's Zenith Eternal MastersHeritage Druid Eternal MastersFog Eternal MastersHarmonize Eternal MastersHonden of Life's Web Eternal MastersImperious Perfect Eternal MastersNature's Claim Eternal MastersLlanowar Elves Eternal MastersInvigorate Eternal MastersLys Alana Huntmaster Eternal MastersNatural Order Eternal MastersRoots Eternal MastersRancor Eternal MastersNimble Mongoose Eternal MastersRegal Force Eternal MastersSeal of Strength Eternal MastersRoar of the Wurm Eternal MastersSentinel Spider Eternal MastersThornweald Archer Eternal MastersSylvan Library Eternal MastersSilvos, Rogue Elemental Eternal MastersSylvan Might Eternal MastersTimberwatch Elf Eternal MastersWirewood Symbiote Eternal MastersWerebear Eternal MastersXantid Swarm Eternal MastersYavimaya Enchantress Eternal MastersEternal Masters Card List: Multicoloured

Armadillo Cloak Eternal MastersBloodbraid Elf Eternal MastersBrago, King Eternal Eternal MastersBaleful Strix Eternal MastersCall the Skybreaker Eternal MastersDack Fayden Eternal MastersExtract from Darkness Eternal MastersGlare of Subdual Eternal MastersDeathrite Shaman Eternal MastersGiant Solifuge Eternal MastersFlame-Kin Zealot Eternal MastersGoblin Trenches Eternal MastersThunderclap Wyvern Eternal MastersMaelstrom Wanderer Eternal MastersSphinx of the Steel Wind Eternal MastersShaman of the Pack Eternal MastersShardless Agent Eternal MastersTorrent of Souls Eternal MastersTrygon Predator Eternal MastersVoid Eternal MastersZealous Persecution Eternal MastersVindicate Eternal MastersWee Dragonauts Eternal MastersEternal Masters Card List: Artifacts

Ashnod's Altar Eternal MastersGoblin Charbelcher Eternal MastersIsochron Scepter Eternal MastersEmmessi Tome Eternal MastersChrome Mox Eternal MastersDuplicant Eternal MastersJuggernaut Eternal MastersMindless Automaton Eternal MastersMana Crypt Eternal MastersMillikin Eternal MastersNevinyrral's Disk Eternal MastersPilgrim's Eye Eternal MastersPrismatic Lens Eternal MastersSensei's Divining Top Eternal MastersTicking Gnomes Eternal MastersRelic of Progenitus Eternal MastersWinter Orb Eternal MastersWorn Powerstone Eternal MastersEternal Masters Card List: Land


Blossoming Sands Eternal MastersBloodfell Caves Eternal MastersJungle Hollow Eternal MastersDismal Backwater Eternal MastersKarakas Eternal MastersMaze of Ith Eternal MastersMishra's Factory Eternal MastersRugged Highlands Eternal MastersScoured Barrens Eternal MastersSwiftwater Cliffs Eternal MastersThornwood Falls Eternal MastersWind-Scarred Crag Eternal MastersTranquil Cove Eternal MastersWasteland Eternal MastersWhat we know:

What we don’t know:

  • Will there be a foil in every pack? (Update: There will be 1 foil in every Eternal Masters booster pack as confirmed on Twitter)
  • How limited will the supply be?
  • Will there be an Eternal Masters Sealed Grand Prix?
  • Will this cause the Magic-pocalypse?

There are, however, lots of exciting cards we can look at as potential reprints. There will be strategies available to draft so I expect we’ll be able to recognise a lot of constructed deck archetypes in there. My guesses include Storm, Workshops (without the Workshop), Delver, Miracles, Oath, Dredge, Elves, Maverick and Burn.

We will almost certainly see reprints of popular staples like Brainstorm, Swords to Plowshares, Hymn to Tourach and Lightning Bolt. However, it’s the more niche cards that intrigue me more. Will we see archetype defining cards like Oath of Druids or Null Rod? Will we see sideboard all-stars like Ravenous Trap, Ingot Chewer and Phyrexian Revoker?

I’m fairly sure we won’t see many nonbasic lands in the set. Strip Mine was recently reprinted as an Expedition, as were Forbidden Orchard and Ancient Tomb, so I doubt we’ll see many of those, though Wasteland was also an expedition, so who knows. I wouldn’t think it likely that they choose to reprint too many of those so soon after Expeditions. One cycle of lands that could be reprinted is the Zendikar fetch lands, though I doubt they’d feel the need for them to try and sell the set when they could be held back for another day.

Cards to look at in the meantime are reserved list cards. If you’re looking to buy into the format you’ll want to make sure you get the cards that you know won’t be reprinted first, things like Gaea’s Cradle, Show and Tells, Dual Lands, and all that jazz.

This announcement has got me very excited to play Legacy again after a little break from the format.

Set Name Eternal Masters
Number of Cards 249
Release Date June 10, 2016
Magic Online Release Date June 17, 2016
Official Three–Letter Code EMA
Twitter Hashtag #MTGEMA
Languages Available English, Japanese, Chinese Simplified
MSRP $9.99
Eternal Masters Booster BoxMagic Online information Eternal Masters will be releasing on Magic OnlineJune 17 and will be available until July 6. The digital MSRP will be $6.99. It will not be available for redemption.

Please click here to check the price and preorder your Eternal Masters booster box today. Please note that there are very limited quantities available, and prices will only increase, so if you are planning to make a purchase then it is always advised to order sooner rather than later with these types of products.

Is it worth it to buy Eternal Masters for Magic: The Gathering?

by Tolarian Community College

View Eternal Masters Spoilers, Singles, Booster Box and preorder here!

Many Magic: The Gathering Players ask the question… is it worth it to buy eternal masters?

Eternal Masters is the newest in the now recurring line of special summer sets: Magic sets printed outside of the standard block structure, and typically with the intent or allure of powerful reprints.

Eternal Masters follows in the footstep of Modern Masters, in that it contains needed staples for Legacy and other Eternal formats in the hopes of providing players with access to these highly in demand cards.

But as is also now the case with these sets, it has a higher than usual msrp, a price made all the higher by not just a limited print run, but an exceptionally limited print run. So given the high cost and lack of supply, is this set worth it?

Let’s start with the first, and I think most critical issue with Eternal Masters: you should NOT expect to recoup the cost of the box in the financial value of the cards you open. This is, of course, true for any booster box of any set, but Eternal Masters carries with it an added allure of containing more financial value in cards than was spent on the booster box. This is false.

For every dollar you spent on this product, be they single packs or a complete booster box, expect to receive LESS THAN that dollar in return financial value.

Yes, there is a chance that you will get more back than you spent. I am sure the comments will be flooded with posts of someone who randomly opened a pack and got a foil Jace, so how do I like “dem” apples? But you must understand this is a gamble.

Buying a pack of Magic cards is like buying a lottery ticket in terms of financial expense and receipt. A few win big, but most lose their cash. Buying packs for financial gain is the ultimate in gambling, and in the end, the house always wins.

Community Question: What card(s) would you most like to see reprinted in Eternal Masters and why? What cards would you NOT want to see reprinted in Eternal Masters and why?

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Eternal Masters Magic: The Gathering Spoilers, Singles, Boosters & Packs
Eternal Masters Magic: The Gathering Spoilers, Singles, Boosters & Packs
It was announced earlier today that Wizards of the Coast will be releasing a new Magic: The Gathering set 'Eternal Masters' which will focusing on staple cards for Legacy, Vintage, Cube and Commander. The cards included in this set will be from across Magic's history and is designed to be a unique and enjoyable draft experience.

Please let us know what you think below...

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