Changes to Magic: The Gathering Sealed Tournaments – Draw 4 Podcast Episode 2

Join us in Episode 2 of Draw 4 Podcast!

Draw 4 is a new Magic: The Gathering podcast that seeks to engage players of all ranges of experience through a wide variety of topics and a rotating cast. Cast members and recurring guests are from all over the world, including several Manaleak writers.

Changes to Sealed Tournaments - Draw 4 Podcast Episode 2

Join Joseph Dunlap, Troy Love, and Dove Milhon in Episode 2 as they talk about the new sealed registration rules change, the “drop or play” mentality, and do a follow-up on Episode 1 and the results of Pro Tour: Battle for Zendikar.

“You’re there to play the game. You’re not there to crack packs. If you want to crack packs, go to an LGS.” – Joseph Dunlap on the “drop or play” mentality in sealed tournaments.

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