A Magic: The Gathering guide to the Final WMCQ of 2015 by Alexi Tingey


A Magic: The Gathering guide to the Final WMCQ of 2015 by Alexi Tingey

The Final Spot on the Team

This weekend London will host the final WMCQ of the year hosted by Dark Sphere London. The winner of this weekend’s tournament will join previous champions Tom Law (winner of the Manchester Standard WMCQ) and Kayure Patel (winner of the Birmingham WMCQ) on a very strong England Team captained by three times Grands Prix winner Fabrizio Anteri.

The winner of Saturday’s WMCQ will join Tom Law and Kayure Patel on a team captained by three GP winning Fabrizio Anteri who will be hoping to go better than last year’s defeat in the semi-final to eventual winners Denmark when they head to Barcelona in December.

The Final Spot on the Team
Who will be the last person to join our Ultimate A-Team?


With the new two day structure for WMCQs in 2015 meaning that the main swiss rounds are run on Saturday, the Last Chance Qualifiers have had to shift to Fridays. These events are 16 player, four round single elimination tournaments with the winner receiving the ability to participate in the WMCQ on Saturday even if they did not have enough planeswalker points to qualify, one bye in the WMCQ, and a Booster Box . Please be aware that National Eligibility still matters for the Last Chance Qualifiers and winning a trial will not make you eligible for the English WMCQ if you are not eligible through nationality or residency or did not make a nationality eligibility appeal to Wizards by the March 1 deadline.  A special afternoon FNM draft has also been scheduled.

Fabrizio Anteri will be teaching a session for under 16s
Fabrizio Anteri will be teaching a session for under 16s

In addition to the usual Standard, Modern, Draft, Casual and Commander FNMs the evening will also see two special events.  Manaleak writer Fabrizio Anteri, back from his top 8 at GP Madrid will be hosting a free hour long session starting at 6pm for under 16s where he will give some advice and thoughts on improving their game, evaluating cards and decks and answering questions.  

There will also be a new players tutorial session starting about 7:15 where ordinary players will ignite their spark with a free sample deck, a thirty minute tutorial on the basic mechanics of Magic: The Gathering and will be able to take part in a free casual tournament where Dark Sphere staff will be available to provide help and guidance.


Registration opens at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington at 9:30 am. This Four star hotel is located seconds away from Gloucester Road tube station (District, Circle and Piccadilly lines) and a few minutes walk from the Natural History Museum, Science Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Some of the finest Magic players in the country will then battle it out over eight or possibly nine rounds of Standard.

Side events include Ravnica Block, Odyssey Block, Mirrodin Block, Kamigawa Block, Theros Block, Scars of Mirrodin, Chaos, Seeded Pack Chaos and Conspiracy Drafts as well as Rebound Standard, Legacy and Pauper for constructed players.

The Millennium Gloucester Hotel, venue for the London WMCQ
The Millennium Gloucester Hotel, venue for the London WMCQ


The action moves to the Kensington Suite. Fresh from a good night’s rest (or a night full of testing and fretting!) the top 8 of the WMCQ will fight it out in a single elimination tournament to win the coveted final position on team England and the opportunity to represent their country at the World Magic Cup in December.

For those who were less successful in the previous day’s play there is the opportunity for redemption in the Modern format GPT Lyon with a top heavy prize of Liliana of the Veil for those finishing fifth to eight, a playset of Cryptic Commands for third and fourth, a playset of Snapcaster Mages for the runner up and the winner walks away not only with byes for Lyon but also a playset of Tarmogoyfs.

Return to Ravnica Draft and French/Duel Commander will be available as side events. Other events may also be available on demand.



All the action from the WMCQ and the final rounds of GPT Lyon will be streamed live on Twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/darkspheretwitch

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Get in touch!

So that’s it for the overall itinerary, there will of course be a bunch of other cool things taking place throughout the weekend which we hope you’ll like and enjoy. As always, if you have any questions then please let me know in the comments below.

If you have not done so already, please hit join on our Facebook event World Magic Cup Qualifier (WMCQ) – London, here you will also be able to grab any additional information you may need.

You can also join our Facebook group Dark Sphere Magic and engage with our super friendly and helpful London Magic community, and of course if you need to reach us, you can do so by messaging us via our Dark-Sphere London Facebook page.

We look forward to meeting and greeting you at the weekend.

Good luck, and have fun!

Alexi Tingey

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