mtgUK Eternal National Championships Picture Diary Part 2: Legacy by Christopher Cooper

mtgUK Eternal National Championships Picture Diary Part 2: Legacy by Christopher Cooper

mtgUK Eternal National Championships Picture Diary Part 2: Legacy by Christopher Cooper

Welcome back to my photo diary of the mtgUK Eternal Weekend. I finished part 1 by telling you about the Top 8 of the Vintage Championship, which was eventually won by Rob Elkin. Immediately following this a group of us decided that it would be a good idea to go out for some food, and so we went to Flames World Buffet on the Foregate. To cut a very long story short, I now have a new go-to place for meals in Worcester.

To cut another long story short, I got very little sleep Saturday night. This combined with a restless Friday night meant that by 10:00 Sunday morning – when getting ready to get my Legacy on – I was more than a little worse for wear and my photos were less than optimal. I will still be going through using as many of my own photos as I can, but will also be using a few extras that I didn’t take myself to help the narrative.


On Sunday we had even more players than on the Saturday with a huge 79 people taking part. We had well over 80 preregistered with some unregistered players turning up on the day, but unfortunately we did have a few drop outs.

I had decided on my usual Loam Pox brew that I wrote about here, with a few tweaks that you can find at the bottom of the article.

So on to Round One.

I find my seat and who do I see sitting opposite me? Someone from Scotland? London? Leeds? Manchester? No, I see one of the guys from my local game store in Cheltenham. At least this time it wasn’t someone from my car, which is the usual story at this sort of event. It’s Paul Fysh, who is wearing the red shirt below.


Paul is usually on Miracles and this time was no exception. Paul knew that at our local events I usually run Miracles (where it has a better board control element than Loam Pox in a creature heavy metagame) and was a little surprised to see a Turn 1 Bayou. Paul had answers for the first few times I tried to go off and eventually managed to land Jace, the Mind Sculptor to take game 1.

Game 2 was won quickly thanks to a turn 1 Exploration followed by a turn 3 draw of a missing combo piece and Paul not finding an answer in time. Game 3 was cut short by the pesky time limit on the round. I signed the slip and wrote 2-1 to Paul in the result box, knowing that a draw is pretty much as bad as a loss at this point and I really didn’t want to be playing against Miracles all day.



In round 2 I came up against Lawrence Arnell on RUG Delver.

There was little of special interest to this match as I got tempo’ed in two of the games. I managed to scrape one of them, playing rather poorly around Stifle but getting away with it nevertheless.



At this stage in the tournament I’m now just in it for the fun. I sit across from David in round 3, for a round that I will spend more time shuffling decks than playing Magic.

I Thoughtseize David on the first turn and see a hand loaded with a bit of mana and those two guys.

[draft]Balustrade Spy
Undercity Informer[/draft]

I decide to take Lotus Petal, that being his only source of Black mana, and think about how I deal with this deck short of racing it.

Turn 2 I draw Crop Rotation. “That’ll work,” I think to myself.

We play draw-go for a little bit, with me now at the stage of actually wanting him to go off as quickly as possible – so I don’t draw my one-outer.

He attempts to go for it. Balustrade Spy enters the battlefield and triggers. His deck flips. “Narcomoeba triggers,” he announces. “With those on the stack,” I reply, “Crop Rotation.”

I casually toss the land I find onto the table. David looks at it and picks up his cards.

[draft]Bojuka Bog[/draft]

Game 2 goes a similar way. A turn 1 Gitaxian Probe reveals Mindbreak Trap in my opener and forces David to wait a turn (just one) before going off. That turn allows me to draw a Crop Rotation again and use it to fetch another Bojuka Bog when he tries to go off next turn.


I’m still alive!


Some match ups are unwinnable. Others you can have a hard time losing. Howard, my Round Four opponent, was on Dredge. Having Game One access to Bojuka Bog again feels like cheating as I Crop Rotation for it on Turn Three and take out a carefully stocked graveyard. I eventually hit an Exploration, which allows me to Wasteland my Bojuka Bog each turn and bring it back with Life from the Loam until I get a Glacial Chasm lock on him, which he concedes to. In Game One I made SIX Bojuka Bogs. A personal best at the time for a one-of (I have since bested this in a tournament with a Glacial Chasm being copied and recurred each turn for nearly twenty turns versus Burn).

mtguk legacy champs

Game Two went very much the same way, with this picture showing my glee at finding a Surgical Extraction to take out the only dredger in his graveyard, a Golgari Grave-Troll. A few turns later I got the Crop Rotation game going again and took the round 2-0.

2-2 and still in the game!

This round also saw probably the most intense stack I saw in the entirety of the weekend, if not ever. It’s the one in the foreground of this picture and involves an Omni-Tell mirror match where one of the players has cast Show and Tell, both of them put in an Omniscience and they both had rather full hands at the time.


The dice you see here represent Flusterstorm copies.

Here is what happened in Rod Smith’s own words:

He played Show and Tell.
I let it resolve, we both put Omniscience into play.
He plays Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, I Cunning Wish with the casting trigger on the stack (for Trickbind).
He Force of Wills Cunning Wish, I Force his Force, he Forces back, I Force again, he plays Dig Through Time, I Force Dig, he plays Cunning Wish, I Flusterstorm, he Flusterstorms, stack countered, with the casting trigger still on stack I Dig Through Time, I find nothing and lose the game (but won the match).

This is probably my favourite story of the weekend.


Round Five saw me face George Garner with BUG Delver. A fast start to Game One saw me get behind quickly and lose within minutes, but a fairly quick combo kill in Game Two saw me draw back level. Despite a hand full of removal in Game Three, George was able to draw even more threats and just plain out-ground me.

2-3. Game Over.

I wasn’t going to quit just yet though.


A miraculous Stu Pullin would be my opponent in Round Six, and I got an early bit of trolling in by flashing him a Cloudform out of my deckbox that I’d hurriedly managed to borrow off a friend (for the full story behind this, read this article). Stu wasn’t fazed by this though as he’d done his scouting by asking me the previous day what I wouyld be playing, the sneaky chap.

Unfortunately for me, Jace, the Mind Sculptor is pretty good against my deck, especially when I haven’t got an acive Life from the Loam. Despite my best efforts in Game Two, a Rest in Peace followed up by a Jace soon sealed the deal and all too soon I was at 2-4 for the day.

At this point I did decide to drop and get in some fun whilst the Top 8 was going on. I was walking around watching some games when I saw this quirk of the pairings computer:


For those of you who don’t know, that is my opponent from the previous round, Stu Pullin, and his wife Heather playing against each other to place for prizes. For the record, Heather won with her Merfolk and Stu avoided the sofa. Win-win.


The top 8 saw a variety of decks with a strong showing of BUG strategies and some Infect standing out as the top strategies (decklists here). I decided to swing into a Conspiracy draft wilst the Top 8 was going on and so missed most of it, but managed to get finished in time to catch the end of the Final.


The final was a matchup of BUG Delver and Infect between Chris Vincent and Nicolas Genieis. After some long, hard fought games Inkmoth Nexus got Invigorated to hand Nicolas the trophy.


Your 2015 mtgUK Legacy Championship: Nicolas Genieis.

So, two days into the weekend and I’ve already basically done a GP’s worth of Magic. Next stop: Modern!

Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery on Monday, so it’s less a photo diary and more of a proper tournament report, but I did my best to do silly things for your amusement. Join me next time for some adventures, when I’ve had even less sleep and I’m playing a deck I don’t know.

Community Question: What is stopping you from playing Legacy/more Legacy events?

What is stopping you from playing Legacy more Legacy events

Thanks for reading,

Christopher Cooper

Please let us know what you think below...

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