How to get to Worcester and where to eat by Christopher Cooper

How to get to Worcester and where to eat by Christopher Cooper

Hello again everybody. As I join you this week there is less than one week left until the extravaganza that will be the mtgUK Eternal National Championships. For many of you plans will be in place, lifts will be organised, entry fees will be paid in full and you’ll be ready and raring to go.

However, there are some of you less organised people who haven’t sorted all of this out yet. This article is for you!

First things first

Please remember that the Super FNM (Friday 22nd May) and the mtgUK Modern Championship (Monday 25th May) will be held at the Manaleak shop. Spaces are limited so please pre-register asap. The address is: (inside Lifestyle Express)
32 Broad Street

Tel. 01905 745 032

The mtgUK 2015 Vintage Championship Saturday and the mtgUK 2015 Legacy Championship Sunday will be held at the Angel Centre Worcester, the address is:

The Angel Centre
14 Angel Place

Both venues are within seconds from each other and it will not affect your travel, or parking plans.

You can find all the information you’ll need here, please kindly select “Going” if you are planning to attend any of the events as this will greatly help us make the weekend as comfortable as possible for you.

Please contact us if you have any questions that we can help you with, or ask here.

You can contact us with:

T. 01905 745 032

Step 1: Pre-registering

This is an easy step to save you some money. You can preregister here to save money on each of the three championships. You can also try to win free entry to the tournaments through competitions on the Manaleak Facebook page.

Step 2: Travel

Getting to Worcester is relatively easy. It is well served by both rail and motorway links with two stations in the city. Both stations are within reasonable walking distance of the store and the Angel Centre Worcester. Worcester Foregate Street is the better one to get as that is the nearer of the two to the city centre but Worcester Shrub Hill is only a 10 minute walk away.

IMPORTANT – If you are planning to get to Worcester using the train services then please check in advance to see if there will be any disruptions in services on the day. You can do this here.

Manaleak Map

By car you would be looking to take the M5 to junction 7, from which the store is only about 10 minutes away. Don’t forget that drivers giving lifts to at least 2 other players to any of the Championship events from outside of Worcestershire will receive a £5 store Credit Voucher as a thank you.

There is ample parking around the city throughout the weekend. On Saturday the best parking is likely to be at the Croft Road Car Park, just off Grand Stand Road which is £3.50 for all day parking. Sunday and Monday have even cheaper parking as the Crowngate multistorey is just £1 for all day parking. But what if I make the finals! Well, both of them are open 24 hours so there is no problem there.

There are also some free parking spots dotted around the city. However, these are often snapped up by the locals and so are few and far between. Do keep an eye open for them though as its worth nabbing one if you can.

The easiest option may just be to walk from your hotel though. Oh, hang on, I’m getting ahead of myself…

Step 3: Accommodation

Worcester has many hotels and bed and breakfasts available but they are filling up fast. Premier Inn and Travel Lodge looks to give best value for money at the moment. Severn View Hotel has reasonable rates also and is right in the middle of town but has some bad reviews on Trip Advisor so might be worth avoiding.

Step 4: Food

There are plenty of places to eat in Worcester. For the unadventurous amongst you there are the usual fast food places: McDonalds, Wetherspoons, Cornish Bakehouse and other places of that ilk. My personal favourite is the Boston Tea Party, which is about a two minute walk from Manaleak, or for those of you up for some Legacy fun on Sunday you could live the dream and eat where the Legacy Breakfast Podcast first came into being at Poppins.

The Handmade Scotch Egg Company 1

For the real adventurous amongst you there is also the Handmade Scotch Egg shop, on Friar Street. This shop has literally every sort of scotch egg imaginable. It is somewhere I will definitely be heading to if once I scrub out.

Step 5: What do I do if I scrub out?

Scotch eggs.

The Handmade Scotch Egg Company 2

Step 6: But I can’t just eat Scotch Eggs all day. What Magic related things are there for me to do?

Well, for starters, James Griffin of James Griffin Alters will be on site all weekend plying his trade and making beautiful pieces of art of of Magic cards. He does border extensions, borderless, full art and restorative alters so whether you want a Hulk on a Siege Rhino or your Mox Ruby needs a bit of a clean up he’s the man to go to.


Running throughout the afternoons will be all kinds of side events. They will fire as and when enough people sign up for them, so if you want to jam some more Vintage on Sunday after the Legacy, and there will be side events running all day. Any side event format can be ran and they will be running as soon as there are at least 8 players signed up.

However, if you just want to buy more cards or even sell of your old ones, then why not head to the traders tables. 7th City Collectables and Manaleak will both have tables at the event and will be there both Saturday and Sunday, with the Monday Modern switching back to Manaleak’s store with their full range available for sale.

Worcester Cathedral

Outside the venue there is a General Market in Angel Place all day Saturday and the UpMarkets on the High Street on Sunday. For the more athletically minded among you, Worcestershire entertain Durham at The County Ground from Sunday until Wednesday, or if you fancy something a little more exciting then there is always the Magna Carta exhibition at the Cathedral.

So there you have it, all of your Eternal Weekend needs in one place. With it now less than a week away I cannot urge you enough to get your decks together and head on down to Worcester for some fantastic Eternal action and a great big Festival of Magic.

Community Question: Is there anything else that you’d like to see at the mtgUK Eternal Weekend that hasn’t been announced?

Eternal Weekend How to Get to Worcester and What to do Food

Thanks for reading, and thanks for sharing,

Christopher Cooper

Please let us know what you think below...

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